Gex Trademark Filed By Square Enix

Square Enix has filed a trademark for Gex, the second in the past few months.

Who is better suited to make a comeback than somehow who is very likely self-aware about how long they've been out of action? Anyone who loves quips and grew up in the 90s would likely answer with Gex, Crystal Dynamic's out of action wisecracking gecko who hasn't seen a new game since 1999.

If recent trademark filings are to be believed, that comeback might be looking more and more likely. As spotted by Renka_schedule on Twitter, Square Enix recently filed a trademark for "Gex" in Japan. The trademark can be seen here and was filed earlier this month. The trademark notes that it's for "computer game software", which matches with earlier trademarks and pretty much all trademarks that are filed for games.

Interestingly, this isn't the first time that Square Enix has filed a trademark for Gex recently. A similar trademark was spotted back in December of last year and was categorised underneath both "computer game software" and "entertainment services". This appears to be for the same project, with this most recent trademark specifically being filed in Japan.

Although trademark renewals and filings are incredibly common for publishers and could just be Square Enix keeping control of its IP, it's interesting to note how close together these two filings are. It's far from confirmation that Gex is making a comeback, but it's clear that he's being talked about somewhere in Square Enix and that the studio hasn't forgotten about him yet.

The last time Gex had a new game was in 1999 with Gex 3: Enter the Gecko. Square Enix also announced back in 2015 that it would allow developers to create games based on some of its Eidos IP through the "Square Enix Collective" project. Although Gex was included in the available games that other developers could create content for, nothing ever materialised for the gecko.

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