Geoff Keighley Is Teasing Big News For Either Fortnite Or The Matrix At The Game Awards – And Let’s Be Real, It’s Fortnite

We’re just days away from the biggest award show in gaming, which will take place on December 10. Of course, being a gaming event, it also means that we will get sneak peeks at upcoming games and content updates. For his part, The Gaming Awards founder Geoff Keighley has taken to Twitter to tease big news for either The Matrix or Fortnite, but our money is on Fortnite.

Since it was announced that there would be a fourth installment to the Matrix franchise, we’ve been wondering if there will be another Matrix game to go along with the film. There hasn’t been any news about that, so for now, we will have to be content to dream. However much we might miss Agent Smith, there’s still another agent we can theorize about.

At the end of season 4 of Fortnite, Galactus was defeated(?) and Agent Jones woke up in an office, only to immediately jump into the zero-point that Galactus left behind. Since then, there hasn’t been much in the way of furthering the narrative that Fortnite set up. There hasn’t been, until this tweet of a backpack that belongs to “Agent Jones” that is either teasing a new agent for The Matrix or, more likely, the next part of Fortnite’s story arc.

At this point, most people expect that there will be a major crossover between Fortnite and some other major brand or universe. Travis Scott’s crossover, for example, net the artist $20 million and an audience of 12.3 million people. And that was just for a handful of shows in the game. Now that Marvel has left the field open for another crossover, the time is ripe for Fortnite to reveal what the next several months will hold for fans.

Based purely on the backpack and season 4’s ending, it’s difficult to say what exactly will be coming in season 5. What we do know, is that there are seven characters that Jones was instructed to avoid, though he missed that part of the call with his boss. We have just three days till we find out what’s in the bag, and what that means for Fortnite.

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