Genshin Impact: Tips For Completing Ley Line Outcrops

Ley Line Outcrops are an important and direct way of both leveling up your Genshin Impact characters and quickly accumulating in-game wealth. Through defeating them and claiming their rewards, players can gain crucial character experience materials or Mora, making Ley Line Outcrop clearing something to consider adding to your regular play rotation.

There are two types of Ley Line Outcrops – Blossoms of Revelation, represented on the map as a circle icon of blue that rewards character exp materials, and Blossoms of Wealth, a circle icon of gold that rewards Mora.  Each region will have one blue, and one gold icon when you begin. Make sure to navigate to the outcrop icon, as this will keep you synced when the next outcrop of the same type appears. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of farming leylines.

Keep An Eye On Your Resin

Paying attention to the math of Ley Line Outcrops is an important aspect of completing them, and allows you to spend your time more wisely. Players start each daily reset with a certain amount of resin, an energy resource used to claim rewards.

  • You will need twenty points of Original Resin to unlock each Ley Line Outcrop Blossom.

Completing multiple Ley Line Outcrops can quickly use up your daily quota – so make sure to plan ahead. Original Resin replenishes at a rate of one point every eight minutes and will take around twenty-one hours to fully replenish (0-160 points).

However, if you do run out of Original Resin, remember you can convert Fragile Resin or Primogems to gain an extra sixty points instantly.

Clear The Surrounding Area

While Ley Line Outcrops’ exact locations are slightly random, one important tip for completing them remains the same no matter the location – always clear the area first! Once you have navigated to the Ley Line Outcrop area, you will see a large swirling globe seemingly tethered to the ground. These will appear as blue or gold in color to match their type.

Ley Line Outcrops will often be surrounded by objects, enemies, and other items which, if left uncleared, could turn an easy fight into a much harder battle. Prepare for this eventuality ahead of time and be sure to clear out any thorns, ice, or fire plants around the Ley Line – and remember to look around for pesky Whopper Flowers or other pop-up enemies that might interrupt the battle!

Cook Some Food

One of the best ways to successfully complete a Ley Line Outcrop is to eat some food. There are multiple types of food available that can boost party members’ stats, making fights that much easier to win. Crafting (and eating!) food should be something players prioritize, and it’s especially useful in defeating Ley Line Outcrops.

Similarly helpful are potions – however, the majority of potions will only increase a single elemental type, and only for 300 seconds – so it pays to get the battle over quick! Just remember that when you eat food and consume potions, their effects do not share across co-op party members.

Don’t Get Distracted

Setting aside time to solely focus on completing Ley Line Outcrops is one of the best ways to master them efficiently, and it pays to not get distracted in the process.

Once initiated, Ley Line Outcrops will form a link chain of battles dotting across the map – when one is completed the next will appear, and so on. These chains vary in length (generally five per chain but they can stretch), however, they will usually stay within walking (or gliding) distance of each other, and you can often see the next Outcrop from the site of the last battle.

Don’t be tempted to wander off and enter a nearby Domain though, as you will need your Resin to gain any Ley Line Outcrop rewards.

Balance Your Party

This may appear as somewhat of a simple tip, but balancing your party is one of the key ways to get ahead in Genshin Impact. Ley Line Outcrops will often throw enemies of varying elemental types at players in a single fight, and if your party is made entirely of one element type, the battle may become incredibly difficult (and slow!).

Using your highest level characters is recommended for efficiently completing Ley Line Outcrops. Balance out your party by making sure you have good elemental combinations, and consider including tank-like fighters with Claymores such as Razor, Noelle, or Chongyun. If you’re feeling confident, you can load your party with DPS characters and completely exclude a healer, but don’t forget to consider their important AOEs.

Consider Anemo Characters For AOEs

You don’t need to use any specific elemental character type for Ley Line Outcrops, but it pays to pay attention to Anemo (or Wind) based characters when completing these battles. Swirl, an Elemental Reaction that can be used in conjunction with Cryo, Hydro, Electro, or Pyro elements, is created by Anemo characters and is almost tailormade for fighting Ley Line Outcrops.

Characters such as Sucrose, Jean, and Venti have their own AOE abilities which create whirlwind-like effects that gather up and re-center enemies, but when Swirl is enacted it can be used to create sweeping elemental combos across the battlefield at the same time. This tactic is helpful when dealing with the Ley Line Outcrop enemies, which are often spread out across the area. Get ready to set nearby grass and enemies on fire when used in conjunction with Pyro characters!

Understanding Co-op

Utilizing co-op mode is one of the best ways to quickly and efficiently complete Ley Line Outcrops, however, there are some important aspects to consider when inviting a friend into your world!

While you may be eager to share your spoils, be aware that any foods or potions you use to boost your party during Ley Line Outcrop fighting will not automatically apply to your co-op partner’s characters. Also, make sure to communicate with your friends when selecting party members, so that you can properly balance out your team to gain maximum elemental effects.

Target Priorities

Everyone approaches a battle differently, but if you prioritize certain enemies in Ley Line Outcrops, you might find the fight much more achievable. Whopper Flowers – both Cryo and Pyro – are often found lurking on the edges of Outcrops, so be sure to look around for them and engage them before you touch the Ley Line itself.

Samachurls and other ‘caster’ type characters are also good to prioritize in the battle itself, as they do large AOE damage that can hinder your characters and slow fight progress. Outside of these two suggestions, clearing smaller, swarming enemies like Hurlichurls is always a good plan to allow players to see the battlefield clearly.

Charge Your Elemental Bursts

If you’re looking to get your Ley Line Outcrops done in a short amount of time, it is also a good idea to charge your Elemental Bursts ahead of time! Elemental Bursts are special skills unique to each character and are charged by players using Elemental skills in battle and collecting Elemental Particles from enemies.

Elemental Bursts are not only pretty to watch (especially when you manage to combine them with other elements at play!) they’re incredibly effective in Ley Line battles. You can upgrade your Bursts by focusing on Elemental Mastery stats, as well as by equipping items that boost Energy Recharge.

Battle Pass

Another important tip when dealing with Ley Line Outcrops is to know your rewards. Each Ley Line Outcrop will gain you AR (Adventure Rank) and either character EXP materials (Blossoms of Revelation) or Mora (Blossoms of Wealth). But that’s not where the rewards end.

You can also use Ley Line Outcrop as farming to complete a weekly Battle Pass challenge – ‘Complete Ley Line Deposit Challenges 20 Times’. This will garner players a tidy sum of 450 EXP per week. Lastly, Ley Line Outcrops can be completed without claiming their rewards, saving your precious resin for other battles.

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