Genshin Impact Player Spends Eight Hours Spamming Zhongli’s Ability To Bring Godwin Back To Mondstadt

In an effort that only took eight hours of someone’s life, enough luck to pull Zhongli, and more patience than everyone in the Genshin Impact community has combined, Godwin is finally back in Mondstadt. Well, kind of, he’s there briefly in one user’s game until they log off, then he’ll probably be back to roaming aimlessly about the city gates.

For a little context, Godwin is an NPC in Genshin Impact who’s part of the Knights of Favonius. The knights protect Mondstadt and its citizens by upholding laws and going on special missions. Godwin has probably been on a few secret missions himself since he’s an elite part of the squadron under Grand Master Varka. However, he’s definitely a big chicken. He’s got a crush on another NPC, Glory, who hangs out inside Mondstadt. He lost a keepsake she gave him, and he fell behind on his mission while trying to find it. So, he just sort of wanders about outside the city gates trying to look busy. He’s too embarrassed to go home.

The Genshin Community is always prepared to do the hard work that needs to be done though, and Johnesgarth on Reddit decided to accept the challenge of returning Godwin back to his rightful place in the city. They spent eight hours moving Godwin with Zhongli’s special abilities to nab the five-minute clip, showing Godwin walking around the town and even hanging out by Glory.

Godwin usually walks all around in his position outside of the city, so I can only imagine how hard it was to corral the NPC and drive him in the right direction. It may not seem like a lofty adventure to those unfamiliar with the game, but it’s definitely an impressive undertaking to get him from point A to point B.

Speaking to Godwin when he’s rambling about his dilemma when he’s hanging out right next to Glory is kind of hilarious given the context. He’s spilling his guts about the charade when she’s in earshot, but she can’t seem to do much else except explain she’s still waiting for Godwin to come back. Glory, he’s literally right there, please pay attention.

The community posts on the thread seem to all agree on one thing, this Genshin Impact player deserves some Resin from Mihoyo. I agree, and some extra banner pulls wouldn’t hurt either since they’ve returned Godwin home when Mihoyo wouldn’t.

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