Genshin Impact: Liyue’s Geoculus Locations – Bishui Plains

The Geoculus is a collectible in Genshin Impact, used as an offering to any Statue of The Seven in return for a stamina boost. These “Adventure items” are one-time treasures scattered throughout the overworld of the Liyue territory, meaning you won’t find them in any other region or buried away in chests, and they won’t respawn.

There are over 100 Geoculi to find across Liyue, most requiring you to interact with the surrounding elements or utilize a certain skill to reach them. This walkthrough covers the 41 locations found in the Bishui Plains region of Liyue and notes any restrictions that bar you from getting to them.

Qingce Village

  1. Starting with the Northernmost location, on the peninsula North of Qingce Village, you must complete The Chi of Guyun quest in order to find this Geoculus in the deepest depths of the ruins. The Geo Traveler’s Elemental skill can assist this endeavor by building landings to get to the Geoculus.
  2. On the opposite side of the mountain to the Southwest, there is a pond with a waterfall. Enter the cave just to the right of the waterfall and continue until you come to an opening, then you’ll see a sheer rock wall and dormant Ruin Guard who will remain passive. You’ll need to climb the rock wall to retrieve the Geoculus at the top.
  3. Back out at the waterfall, if you continue to the right, there is a smaller niche you can slip into. It is an unassuming crevice worked into the rocks and can be easily overlooked if you’re not using a keen eye.
  4. In the East, amongst the ledges Northeast of Qingce Village, another Geoculus resides at the top of a large withered tree. Look around the area for Dandy, the adventurer, to pick up a coinciding time challenge as well.
  5. There is another Geoculus at the bridge centrally located in Qingce Village. You can use Geo Traveler’s Elemental to leverage yourself up to it or try your prowess from the bridge post at the top.
  6. Just Southeast of the bridge, a Geoculus hangs suspended in the air in the center of Qingce Village. You can’t reach it from the ground, but if you look to the South, you’ll see a house in the distance. This house provides the perfect launchpad to glide across the valley and scoop the Geoculus up aerially.
  7. Due East of the central valley location, is another house. You’ll need to scale the wall in order to reach the Geoculus that’s tucked up under the porch roof.
  8. Continuing East along the waterway, you’ll come to an area with half-submerged log posts. There is a fire puzzle to solve here and once you do, use the chest as leverage to snag the Geoculus above before claiming the treasures within the chest itself.
  9. Back on the other end of Qignce Village towards the Southwest, there is a Geoculus perched on top of a house. You’ll need to climb the neighboring mountain face until you’re high enough to leap off onto the roof.
  10. In the West, on the outskirts of the village, you can glide to a Geoculus suspended above the road by using a nearby tree as a launch point.
  11. Back in the village, a Geoculus sits on the peak of a tower near the central southern border of the town.

Wuwang Hill

  1. Southeast of Quince Village, you head onto Wuwang Hill. You’ll find a Geoculus overlooking the valley on a slope near a treasure chest and a tree slightly higher up. Climb the tree and glide down to the Geoculus.
  2. The next Geoculus lies slightly East, suspended above a chest nestled amongst a grove of trees. You can glide down from the nearby mountain ledge or simply climb one of the trees and jump.
  3. Southwest from there, just South of Qingce Village’s 11th location, another Geoculus hangs in the air on a hill amidst a circle of totem poles. Use one of the totems to get a good leap at it.
  4. Directly South, another Geoculus sits in the center of some ruins, but be wary. A Ruin Hunter patrols this location.
  5. Due South of Qingce Village’s 9th location, a Geoculus hovers above a large boulder.
  6. You’ll come across a tall bamboo pole near the main road when heading Southeast. Scale the pole in order to gab the Geoculus balanced on top.
  7. Immediately Southwest on the road, a Geoculus hangs over the bridge near the waterfall. You can glide to it either from the mountains above or from the nearby bamboo trees.
  8. Continue down the road, Southeast, and take a left when you come to the fork. When you find some ruins, check amongst the staircases off to the right of the main road. This location is also directly south of the fourth location in the Wuwang Hill region.
  9. Alternatively, if you take a right at the fork coming down from Qingce Village, you’ll come across a massive boulder along the shore. There’s a tree growing on top that might obscure the Geoculus that’s nestled in the bird’s nest on top.
  10. Just after the two paths converge again, there is a dilapidated stone altar or tower. Climb the stones that make up the structure’s partial wall to reach the Geoculus suspended above. There is also a chest in the center of the formation.
  11. Further East along the road, there is a Geoculus under the bridge. You’re going to have to go swimming for this one.
  12. North between the last two locations, another Geoculus hangs precariously above a ravine. You can run and jump off the hills as you approach and glide to it safe enough. But be sure to grab the walls and climb back out unless you want to face the mob of enemies at the bottom.
  13. Northeast of the last location, as you head towards Stone Gate, another Geoculus can be found atop a high overlook above the broken settlement.
  14. On the other side of Stone Gate, a Geoculus sits in a watchtower near a Teleporter.

Western Isles

  1. On the Eastern peninsula of the topmost island, there’s a Geoculus suspended over the opening to the waterway. You can trigger a pressure plate to activate a wind current to get you over to it, or there is a nearby Teleporter with surrounding trees to climb and glide over.
  2. On the opposite southernmost peninsula of that island, you’ll find another Geoculus in the branches of a cherry blossom tree.
  3. On the shore of the mainland, a Geoculus hangs above a fallen log just across the bay. You can use the log or nearby rock to give yourself a foothold to jump from, then give yourself a second boost by using a sword charge attack.
  4.  There is a small set of isles off the East shoreline, and a Geoculus hangs between the shoreline and the Northernmost isle. You can use Anemo on a nearby clover-shaped windmill to reach it.
  5. Head Southeast to the furthest of the three islands there. Use the rocks near the teleporter nearby to glide over to the final Geoculus in this vicinity.

Dihua Marsh & Sal Terrae

  1. Still on the mainland, on the Southern peninsula North of the marsh, a Geoculus hangs above a rock. You can reach it by climbing the nearby tree or glide from the nearest teleport point.
  2. There will be a Geoculus suspended just out of reach along the southern road as you enter the Dihua Marsh. You could use the Geo skill to reach it, or you could simply jump and attack consecutively, utilizing the extra boost from your sword charge.
  3. Further along the road into the marsh, there will be another Geoculus floating above a tree stump off to the left.
  4. If you continue following the road, head North directly after the bridge, and you’ll come across a Hilichurl village. There will be a Geoculus over top of one of the houses here.
  5. Head over to the Marsh’s Westernmost isle, where you will find a Geoculus within a wind barrier along the Southwest peninsula.
  6. Skipping back onto the mainland, the last Geoculus known in the marsh can be found in its southern vicinity in a winding tree. It’s not far from an elaborate treehouse built atop a massive boulder.
  7. The one and only Geoculus in the Sal Terrae isles resides in the main island’s bay to the East. Unfortunately, you’ll have to swim here, and they are not the friendliest of waters, so stay alert for lurking ice slimes.

Wangshu Inn

  1. South of the Dihua Marsh lies the Wangshu Inn. The first Geoculus you’re likely to come across here is posted as a welcome beacon atop the roost of the inn, just off the right of the main drag.
  2. Outback of the inn, you can find a Geoculus perched in one of the support beams.
  3. There is a final Geoculus on the main island, tucked under the bridge on the south side of the inn.
  4. The last Geoculus in this region lies on the island East of the inn. You can use the Anemo Skill on the windmill that sits directly below the high-hanging Geoculus or simply glide over from the topmost peak of the Wangshu Inn.

That is all 41 Geoculus locations in the Bishui Plains region of Liyue. If you’re still hunting Geoculi in the remaining areas of Liyue, check out our other Geoculus location guides for the Quiongji Estuary, Minlin, Lisha, and the Sea of Clouds.

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