Genshin Impact: How To Unlock Hangout Events

The 1.4 Windblume Festival update for Genshin Impact has brought a Venti banner as well as a new festival and some game changes, including a boost to condensed resin. It has also introduced new hangout events.

Hangouts comprise of four initial story quests that allow you to hang out with Barbara, Noelle, Chongyun, and Bennett and find out more about them. Each one requires unlocking but can then be played multiple times. Here’s how to unlock each quest and what to expect.

Requirements To Unlock Hangouts

Hangouts are not immediately available, nor can everyone unlock them. In order to access the feature, you’ll need to be at least Adventure Rank 26 and have completed Archon Quest Prologue: Act III – Song of Dragon & Freedom. If you meet these requirements you’ll be able to find the hangout events in your quest log, although they will be locked.

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Simply go into your regular quest menu and then hit the Story Quests button in the bottom left. This opens the regular story quest menu where you can find an extra tab at the top which will take you to the Hangouts screen. This is where you’ll unlock each event.

How To Unlock Hangouts

Hangouts unlock in the same way as the story quests and require story keys. The initial selection of options allows you to choose from Barbara, Noelle, Chongyun, and Bennett. Each event will require two keys to unlock and you can open them in any order.

Story keys are acquired through daily commissions. For every eight daily commissions completed you’ll receive a key and can hold up to a maximum of three keys at once. This means that it will take four days of completing your commissions to unlock each event.

Pausing or Cancelling Hangouts

Hangouts are unique events that play like a combination of a short quest chain and a choose-your-own-adventure narrative. As the hangout event starts you’ll enter into a conversation with your chosen character and you’ll be able to choose your responses as the quest progresses. After a few choices, the initial quest will end and you’ll be given a new quest, based on your answers.

You can cancel the hangout completely at any time through the quest menu and you can also stop at a quest break to do other things. Being midway through a hangout won’t prevent you from doing other quests or playing in co-op mode, as long as you are between quests.

Hangout Endings

Hangouts can be replayed to get different endings. Under the quest menu, you’ll see an option next to the current hangout quest to “check plan.” Clicking this will show you a flow chart detailing which options you’ve unlocked.

Each hangout has six endings that are captured by photographs which unlock as you complete them. You’ll also see the quest options you’ve unlocked at each breakpoint in the event.

Once a hangout is unlocked you can simply go back into the hangout screen and replay the event to unlock a new ending.

Hangout Rewards

You’ll gain rewards for unlocking each ending which include Adventure Exp, Hero’s Wits, and Primogems as well as ascension materials and recipes related to the hangout character.

Since the hangouts are quick to complete this is a unique way of finding out more about some of Genshin Impact’s characters while also earning a few useful rewards.

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