Genshin Impact: Everything You Need To Know About Multiplayer

It’s true that Genshin Impact does have multiplayer, but as many players have learned, it doesn’t work like most normal systems. While Genshin Impact allows players to join up with their friends, it is a single-player game the majority of the time. Depending on how the player tries to use the multiplayer feature, it can be a great help or a complete waste of their time.

New players may have downloaded the game solely to have something to do with their friends, only to learn that you can’t access the feature right away. Learning the ins and outs of this feature is the only way to completely enjoy it.

At What Level Can I Play With Friends?

As many new players have learned, you can’t just jump straight into the game and play with a friend. In fact, it will take quite a few hours before the feature opens up for most players. Multiplayer won’t be available until the player hits adventure rank 16 within the game.

To do this, the player will need to push through the story while taking advantage of various tips and tricks to level quickly.

Who Can I Play With?

An interesting feature that the game has is a cross-platform server. Whether players are on PC, IOS, Android, or even a PlayStation 5, they can all play together. With that being said, some players may not want to team up without being able to voice chat with their new teammates.

To help make communication a bit easier, players can restrict their game to only players that use the same system.

Can I Do Story Missions?

If you jump into a friend’s game, then you will likely find that you and your friend can’t activate story missions. Story missions are meant to be a solo experience and will not work if another player is in your world. This also includes character missions, such as the recent one with Mona.

If a story mission is in progress, the player won’t be able to join their friends until the task is complete.

Can I Complete Regular Missions?

The general rule of thumb is that if it doesn’t alter the world, it is fair game. With that being said, it may only be best to do missions when not playing with friends to keep any issues from arising. Friends can help with daily missions, however, which can help you get through them quicker.

Since there are so many missions in Genshin, it’s best to check online if they will interfere with co-op features.

Why Can’t I Join A Friend?

There are several reasons why a player may find themselves unable to visit their friend. For starters, if the friend has a higher world level, then they must join the player’s game. If the player began a world quest that alters the world, like the ones found in Liyue’s ruins, then co-op will be unavailable.

Players will also not be able to initiate multiplayer when confronting region bosses or in dungeons.

Does My Level Decrease When Joining A Friend?

When joining a player who isn’t the same world level, the level of characters used in the world won’t decrease. This can lead to an upset in power, and if used in a low-level world, some characters will be able to easily cut down even some of the toughest enemies around them.

To balance this, certain ascension materials won’t be given out when killing low-level enemies.

Are Bosses Easier In Multiplayer?

One of the best things to do when using the multiplayer feature is to grind out the elemental bosses. The Oceanid, in particular, is much easier to handle when there is more than one player on the field. For players with limited schedules, co-op is one of the fastest ways to gather materials.

Resin will still need to be used even when visiting the world of a friend to kill bosses.

What Can I Interact With In A Friend’s World?

When entering another player’s world, there are a ton of limitations. For example, players won’t be able to talk to NPCs or buy from shops. This makes it so players can’t horde or buy up limited ingredients. Players also can’t open up chests or activate puzzles if they aren’t in their world.

Players are able to slay enemies, free chests for the world owner, and use the cooking pot for dishes.

Are All Domains Multiplayer?

All items domains are open for players to use together an unlimited amount of times. Stormterror, The Spiral Abyss, dungeons, and the Childe fight are not available in co-op. While these may become available in the future, Mihoyo hasn’t expressed interest in changing these features.

Like elemental bosses, though, doing item domains together can help players quickly gather materials.

Does My World Level?

When players enter another player’s world, they don’t need to worry about their world level increasing. Everything that is done in a friend’s world won’t affect you. This means that you can kill bosses back to back without raising your adventurer level.

As for the world host, though, they will still gain experience with every boss and domain they complete like normal.

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