Genshin Impact: Best Weapons For Lisa

Genshin Impact's Lisa wears a lot of hats in Mondstadt, other than her large purple one. She’s the most gifted Mage to come from the Sumeru Academia school in over 200 years, the local librarian who takes her job very seriously, and an associate of the Knights of Favonius.

Once you get her in chapter one – she’s unlocked during a mission, but you can also get her through Paimon’s Bargains – you’ll also learn she’s a massive flirt full of giggles and double entendres. With all of her traits and quirks, however, Lisa is powerful and an asset to your team with the right Catalyst in her hand.

10 The Magic Guide – Three Star

You can get the Magic Guide pretty easily through Wishes. Depending on what level your Lisa is, it will elevate her Base Attack between 38 and 354, and give her an Elemental Mastery boost from 41 to 187.

When targeting any opponents affected by Hydro or Electro (which Lisa herself is), the Magic Guide will increase her overall damage by 12 percent. Though this isn’t a huge boost, anything extra is helpful in a fight, and the Magic Guide will most likely be the first option you have to equip Lisa.

9 The Mappa Mare – Four Star

There are two different ways to get the Mappa Mare. You can either forge it yourself, or you can pull it from the Stellar Reunion Event. Regardless of how you obtain it, the Mappa Mare will increase your Base Attack by 44 to 565, and give your Elemental Mastery a 24 to 110 boost.

When using Lisa, if you trigger an Elemental Reaction you’ll get an eight percent Elemental Damage bonus for ten seconds. You’ll be able to stack this bonus twice.

8 The Hakushin Ring – Four Star

The Hakushin Ring is obtained through forging, making it a fairly easy Catalyst to acquire. Lisa’s Base Attack will get a boost between 44 and 565, depending on her level. This weapon has a substat of Energy Recharge between 6.7 and 30.6 percent, which is also tied to her level.

After Lisa triggers an Electro Elemental Reaction, any nearby party members who use any of the Elements involved in the reaction will get a ten percent Elemental Damage bonus for six seconds.

7 The Favonius Codex – Four Star

Obtained through Wishes, the Favonius Codex boosts Lisa’s Base Attack from 42 to 510, based on her level. Another Catalyst with a substat of Energy Recharge, she’ll also see a ten to 45.9 percent increase to her stamina’s ability to generate.

With the Favonius Codex, Lisa’s Crit hits will have a 60 percent chance to produce Elemental Particles, which will in turn create six Energy for her once every 12 seconds, keeping her on the battlefield longer.

6 The Sacrificial Fragments – Four Star

Obtainable through Wishes, the Sacrificial Fragments Catalyst will give Lisa a 41 t o454 increase to her Base Attack. It grants between 48 and 221 to her Elemental Mastery depending on the level you’ve trained her to, allowing her attacks to be more concentrated.

Whenever she deals damage to an enemy with her Elemental Skill, that skill will have a 40 percent chance to end its own cooldown rate, which means she’ll be able to use it more frequently. This can happen once every 30 seconds.

5 The Widsith – Four Star

Another Catalyst you’ll get through Wishes, the Widsith has a slightly better Base Attack boost, ranging from 42 to 510. A good option if you want to use Lisa as a main or sub DPS, it has a secondary stat of Crit Damage ranging from 12 percent to 55.1 percent.

When equipped with the Widsith, Lisa will gain an Attack increase by 60 percent, as well as Elemental Damage increase by 48 percent. Her Elemental Mastery will go up by 240 on top of her physical boosts.

4 The Prototype Amber – Four Star

Another Catalyst you can forge yourself for Lisa, the Base Attack boost you’ll get with it ranges from 42 to 510. More beneficial, however, is the HP and Energy increase Lisa will get while using the Prototype Amber. A nine to 41.3 percent boost to HP is the sub stat perk gained with this weapon.

The Prototype Amber also regenerates four Energy every two seconds for up to six seconds, and all close teammates will get a four percent HP boost for two seconds.

3 The Solar Pearl – Four Star

One of the harder Catalysts to get, the Solar Pearl is only available through the Gnostic Hymn Battle Pass. Its Base Attack is comparable to the others, ranging between 42 and 510, but it does have a secondary stat of Crit Rate from six to 27.6 percent depending on Lisa’s level.

Her Normal Attack hits will increase Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst damage by 20 percent for six seconds. It will also increase Normal Attack damage by 20 percent for six seconds after any Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst hits.

2 The Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds – Five Star

As a five-star weapon, the Lost Prayer is often recommended for Lisa, and can be obtained through Wishes. The Base Attack ranges from 46 to 608, and the secondary stat of Crit Rate will go up between 7.2 and 33.1 percent.

The Lost Prayer will increase Lisa’s Movement Speed by ten percent. It will also grant her an eight percent Elemental Damage bonus every four seconds in battle. This can be stacked up to four times, and will last until Lisa dies or leaves the battlefield.

1 The Skyward Atlas – Five Star

Another commonly recommended Catalyst for Lisa, the Skyward Atlas is pulled from Wishes. A strong Base Attack, ranging from 48 to 674 based on Lisa’s level. It also has a substat of Attack, giving an extra 7.2 to 33.1 percent boost.

Lisa’s Elemental Damage bonus increases by 12 percent with the Skyward Atlas. Her Normal Attack hits will also have a 50 percent chance to earn the Favor of the Clouds, which will target any nearby enemies for 15 seconds, and deal 160 percent Attack Damage once every 30 seconds.

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