Genshin Impact: Best Team Compositions For Layla

Genshin Impact's four-star character roster continues to grow now that Layla has been added to the game. Layla is a Cryo support character who can give your party a strong shield and decent cryo application, making her incredibly versatile. Given her four-star status, Layla doesn't require much investment if you're lucky enough to grab her.

By all accounts, Layla is a solid addition to the Genshin cast and, better yet, her constellations aren't exactly required to yield a decent performance from her. Due to her versatile kit, she can fit into many team compositions that either need another Cryo unit for resonance or to fill the slot with a shielder. If you're feeling adventurous, you can build Layla to be the main DPS, but it's not where she shines.

Freeze Team

Layla is best utilised in freeze comps, simply because her elemental skill offers off-field cryo application and her elemental burst has such a long duration and range. In this team, you want to make sure you have decent hydro support with consistent off-field hydro application. These hydro characters will work with Layla to support whoever you choose as your main DPS.

  • Main DPS: Ayaka, Kaeya, Heizou, Rosaria, Childe, Ayato
  • Cryo support: Layla
  • Hydro support: Yelan
  • Hydro support: Xingqiu

You will want to have the Hydro resonance here because the HP boost will also buff Layla's shield. You can swap either of those hydro support characters for Barbara or Kokomi, depending on whether you want a healer to help out. Layla's shield fires off shooting stars every second or so and her elemental burst will deal constant cryo damage in a large area over time, so your Hydro will ensure enemies don't get much time to move.

Fridge Comp

Fridge teams are now usable thanks to the introduction of the Dendro element in Genshin's 3.0 update. These quasi-freeze teams synergise with Dendro cores, which are made when Hydro reacts to enemies with the Dendro status on them. Layla is especially useful here because she can keep you from being hurt by Dendro cores when they explode. This means you should build Layla as a pure shielder.

  • Cryo support: Layla
  • Dendro support: Nahida, Collei, Tighnari, Dendro Traveller
  • Hydro: Kokomi, Barbara
  • Anemo support: Kazuha, Sucrose

The final slot of this team could be an Anemo support unit since this will help group up any Dendro cores that you create in the fight. However, feel free to switch to whoever you might prefer, be it another Hydro or Cryo character to complement the team. Typically, Fridge teams don't need to worry about grouping up cores and enemies since they will be frozen pretty much next to them.

Melt Comp

For this team, you'll want to use a Pyro as your main DPS. Diluc is a solid pick for this team because of how his element skill and burst function. If you don't have Diluc, Hu Tao or Yanfei are good substitutes, but it makes it more difficult to time your hits with Layla's Cryo to trigger melt. While this isn't the most reliable team comp, when it works it can do significant damage thanks to the melt multiplier.

  • Pryo DPS: Diluc, Hu Tao, Yanfei
  • Cryo support: Layla
  • Anemo support: Sucrose, Kazuha
  • Pryo resonance: Bennett

There's a difference between melt and reverse melt in Genshin, which is essentially the order in which you trigger the elemental reaction. If you hit with Cryo first and then Pyro, you'll trigger normal melt which has a multiplier of two. Hitting with Pyro first and then Cryo will reverse melt, which only has a 1.5x multiplier, so just be mindful of this when trying out the team.

Morgana Comp

While this is also a freeze team, the Morgana comp is one of the most popular and powerful teams in the game. This is because it uses Ganyu and Mona, both of whom have extremely high damage multipliers on their attacks, along with shielding from Diona and crowd control from Venti. Obviously, this is a team with three five-star characters, so it is fairly expensive.

  • Cryo support: Layla
  • Cryo DPS: Ganyu
  • Hydro sub DPS: Mona
  • Anemo crowd control: Venti

Layla can take Diona's slot in this comp, which is really down to personal preference when comparing the two. Diona does have a healing burst, but it is somewhat unreliable in where it goes and, when it comes down to it, Layla's shield has a faster cooldown which means very little downtime compared to Diona's shield. Not only do you get the cryo resonance for that extra crit rate, but Layla's elemental burst and skill have consistent cryo application and will keep your enemies frozen while Venti groups them and Ganyu rains ice down on them.

Physical Carry Team

Layla can be used in physical team comps if she's paired with Eula or Razor. Having an electro unit like Razor as your main DPS here works really well with Layla, letting you hit a Superconduct reaction consistently. Eula and Shenhe would also be a powerful combination here, simply because Shenhe specifically buffs your cryo units.

  • Main DPS: Razor, Eula
  • Support: Xingqiu
  • Support: Layla
  • Support: Yun Jin, Shenhe

Using Eula instead of Razor in this team comp will give you Cryo resonance, increasing your crit rate against frozen enemies and the off-field support from Yun Jin and Xingqiu will buff you and apply hydro off-field respectively. All the while, Layla's shield would keep Eula or Razor safe if anything managed to survive.

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