Genshin Impact: Best Team Compositions For Collei

Whenever a new character gets released in Genshin Impact, one of the hardest things to do is find the perfect team that you'd like the character in. Collei is a forest ranger and also the first Dendro four-star character released in the game, making it all the more unique and difficult to make teams dedicated to her.

Thankfully, her kit is versatile, allowing her to fit into many team compositions and make use of different Dendro reactions that got released alongside Sumeru in Version 3.0. Her Dendro application is also pretty good, making her even better for reaction-based teams.

6 Raw Dendro Damage Team

Collei isn't particularly made for dealing raw Dendro damage, but this team can allow her to do well in this play style. Her Elemental Skill is basically a boomerang that deals two instances of damage to the enemy as it goes away from her and comes back to her.

It is important to start the rotation with Bennett's burst in this team composition, and he also requires high Energy Recharge to have good uptime on his burst. Once you put his burst down on the field, you will instantly have an ATK bonus for your characters.

The next part is crucial, as it is important to Swirl Dendro using Kazuha. So, use Collei's elemental skill and burst, followed by Kazuha's elemental skill and burst to Swirl the correct element and increase her damage even more.

Finally, you can finish off the rotation by using Tighnari's burst and then the elemental skill, using charged shots after that to deal even more Dendro damage. Once this is done, you need to reset and repeat this cycle.

5 Burn Everything In Sight

Burning was the most anticipated among the Travelers because it was the only Dendro reaction that was in the game before the Sumeru update. Unfortunately, Hoyoverse decided to nerf it a lot upon release. It's still a good reaction, but not as good as it was.

For this team to work, you need constant Dendro application on the enemy as it wears out very fast. Hence, using Collei alone for this wouldn't be enough, and you need another character with a good Dendro application like the Traveler.

Moreover, having double Dendro and Pyro characters can allow for faster energy regeneration and better uptime for the team. Bennet's burst needs to be on the field as much as it can while you constantly apply Burning on your enemy, getting a constant source of damage.

4 Destructive Bond

Whenever Hu Tao becomes a part of any team, it already becomes destructive because of her nature. The new Dendro reaction allows this team to be even more destructive, even to the players themselves since the reaction used in this team composition also deals damage to the players.

For this rotation, you need to start with Collei's elemental burst, followed by Xingqiu's skill and burst. You can use Kazuha at any point because it'll be increased damage no matter which element he Swirls. Hu Tao comes in last, and she breaks the seeds left when Bloom is triggered to deal AoE explosion damage.

While this team is very good for AoE burst damage, it can easily be harmful because Hu Tao needs to be in low health to perform well, and the damage caused to the players with Burgeon can easily kill her. Thus, it's an idea to replace Kazuha with Zhongli to protect her.

You can also replace Hu Tao with another Pyro DPS character, but they'll have to be an AoE damage dealer so they can attack the shields.

3 Spread The Fear

Electro reactions with Dendro are one of the best and easiest to execute, and this team uses them perfectly. Again, Bennett is the general ATK buffer of the team, and you need to put his burst on the ground as much as you can.

As for this team's rotation, you can start with Collei's elemental skill and burst followed by Fischl's elemental skill. The constant damage from Oz will activate Quicken, which you can then follow up with Tighnari's elemental burst to apply Spread.

This will deal additional Dendro damage to the enemies which will stack with the buff from Bennett's burst and the Elemental Mastery possessed by Tighnari and Fischl. The only problem you'll face on this team is energy issues with Bennett.

To solve this, you can use Kazuha or Zhongli because they can apply the DMG bonus or resistance reduction with their elemental skill itself. But, if you have enough Energy Recharge on your Bennett, he is the perfect candidate.

2 Target Them One By One

While this team composition can be used for a group of enemies, it works perfectly for single targets with a bunch of health like bosses or bigger enemies. The start of this rotation, once again, begins with Collei using her elemental skill and burst.

This is followed by Yelan and Xingqiu's skill and burst to apply a ton of Hydro on the enemy affected by Dendro, which spawns a seed that is the main part of this team composition. Once you have everything ready, trigger Raiden Shogun's burst and try to target all the seeds.

This will deal extra Dendro damage to any one target near you, which is quite a lot. Constant Electro application from Raiden and her passive to recharge energy for all your characters sustains this team and makes it have great uptime and dynamic rotations.

1 Aggravated Enemies

The best team for Collei involves a bunch of beautifully designed characters in Genshin, involving two of the Archons themselves! This team is also easy to execute as there's not a lot you have to take care of.

Start by putting yourself inside a shield by using Zhongli's elemental skill, followed by Raiden's elemental skill to start dealing passive Electro damage. You can also place Yae Miko's kitsune before you switch over to Collei because her skills don't last that long.

Finally, use Collei's elemental skill and burst followed by Raiden's burst, and constantly attack the enemy to trigger Aggravate. You'll notice that your Electro attacks will be dealing a lot more damage than usual, making this team one of the best for Collei.

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