Genshin Impact: Ascension Materials For Faruzan

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Returning to Sumeru after a century, Faruzan is one of the oldest characters in Genshin Impact even though she might not look like it. She was first teased alongside the other details of the Version 3.3 update, and the community went head-over-heels for her ever since they saw the design and gameplay.

Faruzan is a four-star bow-wielding character with an Anemo vision. Most of her time is spent in the Akademiya as she also offers the Traveler to be one of her students. Along with an aesthetically pleasing design, she also has a unique set of abilities that can make your team much stronger.

Faruzan's Ascension Materials

Even though she essentially lives at the Akademiya, most of Faruzan's materials will take you to the Desert region of Sumeru. This is a treacherous place where you'll be fighting for your life while collecting all the required materials for her. Here's everything you need to get:

Ascension PhaseMaximum LevelMoraCrystalRegional SpecialtyMob DropsWorld Boss Drops
14020,0001x Vayuda Turquoise Sliver3x Henna Berry3x Faded Red SatinN/A
25040,0003x Vayuda Turquoise Fragment10x Henna Berry15x Faded Red Satin2x Light Guiding Tetrahedron
36060,0006x Vayuda Turquoise Fragment20x Henna Berry12x Trimmed Red Silk4x Light Guiding Tetrahedron
47080,0003x Vayuda Turquoise Chunk30x Henna Berry18x Trimmed Red Silk8x Light Guiding Tetrahedron
580100,0006x Vayuda Turquoise Chunk45x Henna Berry12x Rich Red Brocade12x Light Guiding Tetrahedron
690120,0006x Vayuda Turquoise Gemstone60x Henna Berry24x Rich Red Brocade20x Light Guiding Tetrahedron

The Mora, crystals, specialties, mob, and world boss drops mentioned above are the requirements for ascending Faruzan through multiple phases. It's important to ascend a character because it increases their maximum level cap until they reach level 90.

On the other hand, you also need to reach the maximum level of the previous ascension if you want to go to the next one. This requires extra EXP materials and Mora.

Where To Get Vayuda Turquoise Crystal

Crystals are an essential factor when you're trying to ascend a certain character. The Vayuda Turquoise Slivers, Fragments, Chunks, and Gemstones will only be used during Faruzan's ascension, and you won't need them for anything else. Although, it is quite hard to farm enough of these crystals if you don't already have them.

Crafting a crystal of a certain rarity takes three crystals from the rarity below it. For example, you have to spend three Vayuda Turquoise Slivers to get one Vayuda Turquoise Fragment. Moreover, there are no characters that make this process easier with their passive.

There are quite a few ways to farm the required crystals in the game:

  • Revitalizing the flower after defeating a certain world or weekly boss will give you a few Slivers and Fragments of the crystals featured on the boss. You need to ensure that the boss you're defeating has Vayuda Turquoise crystals featured.
  • There is a big limited-time event every update that has its own event shop. These shops usually give you a bunch of crystal Fragments of every type. Moreover, you can also get them from some of the smaller events.
  • A certain rarity of one crystal type can be converted into another using Dust of Azoth. You can only get this commodity if you buy it from Paimon Shop with Stardust.

There are quite a few world and weekly bosses that can give you Faruzan's crystals, and here's a table to pinpoint their location:

World BossesAnemo Hypostasis (Mondstadt)
Maguu Kenki (Inazuma)
Algorithm of Semi-Intransient Matrix of Overseer Network (Sumeru)
Weekly BossesStormterror (Mondstadt)
Scaramouche (Sumeru)

The reward from weekly bosses can only be collected once a week, and you don't have a guaranteed chance of getting Vayuda Turquoise from the rewards. Fighting world boss is the most reliable method to get crystals since you can do that every three minutes.

Where To Get Henna Berry

Previously known as Redcrest, Henna Berry can be found all across the Desert area of Sumeru. Just like most of the other Sumeru regional specialties, they're also scattered all across the Desert area, making it quite hard to farm them. Moreover, you can only get 60-70 Henna Berries from one farming session.

They respawn 48 hours after they're picked up, and you need a total of 168 of them if you want to ascend Faruzan fully. Although, you can get three Henna Berry from different character trials if the featured character takes this item for ascension. Luckily, it's not hard to spot these berries in the Desert either.

They're glowing red flowers stuck to the plants that resemble Cacti. Not every plant will house a berry, but you can mark their locations when you're farming to have an easier time later.

Where To Get Red Satin, Silk, And Brocade

Every region in Genshin Impact has a few enemies that can be found all across the area. Unlike Treasure Hoarders, Fatui, and Hilichurls, these enemies are exclusive to these regions as well. For Sumeru, one of these enemy groups is known as the Eremites. Whenever an Eremite is defeated, they have a chance to drop Red Satin, Silk, and Brocade.

Since these enemies are present in large quantities, the chances of getting drops from them are lower. Similar to other craftable items, you can craft a higher rarity item by using three lower rarity ones.

Where To Get Light Guiding Tetrahedron

If you've unlocked all the Statue of the Sevens in the Sumeru Desert, you'll be able to see the Algorithm of Semi-Intransient Matrix of Overseer Network in The Dune of Elusion. Defeating this boss will spawn a flower in the ground that can be revitalized to get one to three Light Guiding Tetrahedrons depending on your world level and luck.

Luckily, you can also get Vayuda Turquoise crystals from this boss, which reduces the farming required for Faruzan. While this boss doesn't have a lot of health, it tends to go invisible in the middle of the fight. You need to have a character that can manipulate the Electro element if you want to defeat this without hassle.

Faruzan's Talent Materials

Every character has three active talents that can be upgraded up to level ten without any constellations or passives. You need to ascend the character if you want to unlock talent upgrades, and here's everything you'll need to upgrade Faruzan's talents:

Talent LevelMoraTalent BooksMob DropsWeekly Boss Drops
212,5003x Teachings of Admonition6x Faded Red SatinN/A
317,5002x Guide to Admonition3x Trimmed Red SilkN/A
425,0004x Guide to Admonition4x Trimmed Red SilkN/A
530,0006x Guide to Admonition6x Trimmed Red SilkN/A
637,5009x Guide to Admonition9x Trimmed Red SilkN/A
7120,0004x Philosophies of Admonition4x Rich Red Brocade1x Puppet Strings
8260,0006x Philosophies of Admonition6x Rich Red Brocade1x Puppet Strings
9450,00012x Philosophies of Admonition9x Rich Red Brocade2x Puppet Strings
10700,00018x Philosophies of Admonition12x Rich Red Brocade2x Puppet Strings

The materials mentioned above are required to upgrade one of Faruzan's talents to level ten. If you want to upgrade all three of her talents, you'll have to farm thrice the materials.

Moreover, the final upgrade for every talent also requires a Crown of Insight. This item can be obtained from the big limited-time events every update and after exploring new areas.

Admonition talent books can be farmed in the Steeple of Ignorance domain on Monday, Thursday, and Sunday. This domain is located in the northern part of the Sumeru Rainforest, and you can unlock it after solving an easy puzzle. You can also get these books from the premium tier of the Battle Pass and some limited-time events.

You have a chance of getting Puppet Strings every time you defeat Scaramouche, the weekly boss. This boss is unlocked after you finish the fifth act of Sumeru's main Archon quest. It's not a guarantee to get Puppet Strings every time you defeat this boss, but you can exchange the other special items for the required one using Dream Solvent.

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