Genshin Impact: A Guide To Diona’s Hangout Event

Diona is the bartender at the Cat’s Tail Bar in Mondstadt. Despite her job, she is still young and absolutely hates alcohol. In fact, Diona’s one goal in life is to ruin the wine industry so that all adults will hate alcohol. This is a far-fetched dream, as any drink that the scheming Diona makes turns out to be incredibly delicious.

Her storylines in Genshin Impact revolve around a lot of these themes and can be experienced by players who are willing to spend two story keys to unlock her Hangout event. Below is a guide that will help you get every ending in Diona’s quest chains.

Diona’s Special

After talking to Nimrod, you will see Diona appear with Margaret in front of Cat’s Tail. To get her first route, Diona’s Special, tell her you want to try a drink. Afterward, say that you want a unique base. This will send you to Dadaupa Gorge, where you will learn that Draff, Diona’s father, has run off.

You can choose to either fight or sneak your way through the Dadaupa Gorge. Be warned that if you choose to sneak and get caught, you will be sent back to the beginning of the path. Once you get to Draff, support Draff’s claims that he has some of the soup Diona is looking for.

I Only Had a Little

This follows the same route as Diona’s Special, but with one crucial change. When you find Draff, tell Diona that you will bring back the herbal soup instead of convincing her to believe her dad.

Clear the Hilichurls out around the camp, and then check the pots to get the special soup.

Cat Party

This is another path that you can choose after meeting Diona for the first time. Instead of telling her, you want to try a drink, say that you are there for the kitties. You will follow Diona around, picking up cat supplies for a bit before climbing on the roof to find the first cat.

  • The event can fail if you pick the wrong item, the cat on the roof likes the cat toy, and the one behind the blacksmith likes food.

While you are interacting with the cats, choose the choices that refer to people coming to the bar to enjoy Diona’s drinks.

Idle Amusements

This is the same route as Cat Party, but instead of saying that patrons like Diona’s drinks, you will want to choose the answers pertaining to the cats.

Make sure to call the first cat cute, tell Diona to take a hint from the second cat, and lastly, tell her that having more cats will bring the bar more money.

The Ultimate Special

This is a longer route, but you only need to make one simple choice to start it. When you meet Diona, say you want to try a drink, and you want a more unique flavor.

Be sure to pay attention to the drink you mix towards the end, as it will result in some funny dialogue.

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