Games Inbox: Setting GTA 6 in Vice City during the 80s

The Thursday letters page is unsurprised by the Knights Of The Old Republic remake problems, as one reader sticks up for Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

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Next generation GTA
So we’ve had our first proper leak about GTA 6, from a decent source. Still not much information but glad to hear that a female protagonist is on the way, it’s crazy that we haven’t had one up till now. I found it odd that the setting was described as Miami rather than Vice City, but then I realised that the new game will be counted as the next generation of GTA.

There’s already the 2D and HD era and while few people realise they’re different universes, they are. I wonder then if this new one will ditch the fake cities and just have real ones instead. Which might imply they’re going for a more realistic approach, with less satire?

The other big question for me is whether the game is set in the 80s or not, like the previous game. Personally, I think Vice City was the least interesting city but because it was set in the 80s it seemed a lot more exciting and, naturally, it had the best soundtrack as a result.

80s nostalgia is still big, but will Rockstar be worried that they’re just repeating themselves? Hard to say, and, unless there’s another leak, I doubt we’ll find out anytime soon.

Told you so
So now we have example 3,037 of every ordinary gamer thinking something is a bad idea but a publisher going ahead with it anyway… and then finding out it was a bad idea. Everyone said Aspyr remaking Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic was crazy and now they’ve been proven right.

I don’t know how things even got this far. It’s like if the people that work on Blu-ray movie restorations were asked to remake The Empire Strikes Back. You couldn’t ask for anyone less qualified, and I don’t care how many new staff they’ve taken on.

I bet the remake never sees the light of day now but to be honest I thought the concept was silly no matter who made it. That game is massive, like Final Fantasy 7 massive, and I don’t see how anyone could remake the whole thing without cutting it way down. And who wants that? Especially with the combat being completely different.

The best option was always to just make a new game, whether it’s a sequel or a reboot. Hopefully Lucasfilm will realise that and quickly forget all this nonsense.

Serious times
I didn’t realise the Xbox Series X was easy to get but after reading your article I checked Amazon and they did have some in stock. We’ll see how things hold up over Christmas but it looks like Microsoft has a real advantage over Sony now. If they don’t improve the stock situation for PlayStation 5 quickly then the Xbox Series X could actually overtake it this year, or soon after. I bet that’ll make Xbox start revealing how many they’ve sold!

Things are getting serious now though. Sony has God Of War Ragnarök coming up but how long is that going to keep them flying high? There’s no clue when the next game after that is, so what happens when Starfield comes out next spring, and what if it’s even bigger? Interesting times are just ahead (once we get out of this very dull summer games drought).

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Better than football
Just thought I would list the games I have enjoyed and why.

Most challenging game is Demon’s Souls, hard but never unfair, apart from the infuriating last boss.
Most fun has to be Guardians Of The Galaxy, I never got bored of the humour.

Best story and replay value has to be Cyberpunk 2077. I played it three times and tried different choices each playthrough, which made a difference to character involvement.

Best for a quick blast has to be Spider-Man: Miles Morales, just pick up and play when you have a break between audio meetings.

Best graphics by far are Horizon Forbidden West, each level seems to be more gorgeous than the last. Also impressed with the storyline.

Rachet & Clank was also a relaxing enjoyable game, not much difficulty but great when you just want to relax and chill out.

Ghost Of Tsushima gave a great sense of the teachings of the samurai, coupled with engaging storyline and gorgeous graphics.

Games I enjoyed but went on too long, so I never finished them, are Far Cry and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Also, Demon’s Souls which I honestly found boring with its rinse and repeat gameplay.

All have been played on PlayStation 5.

These are just my personal choices and opinions and I do not expect them to fall in line with everyone else. Everyone is individual in their choices and even if a million people like a particular game it does not mean that I have to. I don’t like football either.

Prepare to wait
There’s all this talk of Elden Ring being a massive hit and bound to influence games for years to come but, err… I haven’t heard of any yet. In fact I can’t think of a recent period when there have been less Soulslike games on the horizon. I’m sure there’s plenty of obscure indie games, but is there anything else coming soon?

I guess Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will be another Soulslite game, but is that really it? Does this mean it’s going to be like buses and suddenly a ton are going to be released all at the same time in year or so?

GC: You’re right that it is a dry period for the genre at the moment. Flintlock: Siege Of Dawn, by the team behind Ashen, looks good though. There’s also Steelrising and Hollow Knight: Silksong, whenever it comes out, but yeah… roll on that Elden Ring DLC.

Outside help
Excited to receive my copy of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, even more so after hearing the critical acclaim it’s getting being the best modern Japanese role-playing series. Alas, it’s a shame to hear people find Xenoblade Chronicles 2 a weak link; I initially agreed with your 7/10 review and often felt a bit overwhelmed with everything going on in each battle, but knew enough about the mechanics to get by without too much hassle… until the post-game.

The post-game was a step up in difficulty and had to resort to YouTube videos which, to my surprise, felt like they taught me how to play the game for the first time, utilising all the mechanics the awful tutorials failed to teach me. Shame the game didn’t explain all these hidden features, meaning most reviewers/players never could truly appreciate what is one of the most deep and satisfying battle systems.

Replaying the game utilising everything I learnt made me slice through previously difficult bosses health bars like a hot knife through butter.

Understandably, reviewers don’t have the luxury of YouTube videos/wikis playing the game before release (something most Soulsbourne players almost implement as part of the experience), or have the time to even attempt the post-game, but with Xenoblade Chronicles 2’s post game coupled with understanding each mechanic, it has to have one of the best end games and bumped up the score to a 9/10. Hot Topic idea: what games have the best post-game/are there any games where the post-game better than the main game?

Special mention to Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna DLC which you can buy without the main game (I don’t recall GC reviewing this most generous, best value DLC?). It being its own self-contained 20-hour Japanese role-playing game with a much streamlined simplified battle/crafting system is a perfect introduction to anyone too intimidated by the main game.

GC: It’s not just the gameplay, we didn’t really like any of the characters either.

Sign your name
I’ve submitted articles to GameCentral several times in the past, and I’ve noticed that my name isn’t in the byline, instead it’s credited as Anon. Could you please put my name in the pieces I submit or explain why you choose to label me as anonymous?

Thank you for your time.

GC: It’s because until now you’ve never ended your letter with a name. We can’t just take it from the email address.

Trying everything
I’ve been waiting for the topic to come up again, so I’ll chime in with my thoughts on the weapons breaking in Zelda: Breath Of The Wild.

I realised I was all for it when playing through Dark Souls Remastered again.

With Dark Souls I only levelled up three or four weapons to maximum due to limited resources, and mainly used the one same weapon throughout the whole game anyway. Same happened with Elden Ring. Only swapping when I needed certain weapon stats on bosses.

It was quite annoying having all of these amazing looking weapons, each with their own attack animations and skills and not needing to use them.

With Breath Of The Wild though I was using every single weapon I picked up, enjoying all of the different attacks and styles of combat due to the fact that they broke.

This is not a slight against Souls games, they are amazing. It just made me appreciate the system in Breath Of The Wild.

GC: It’s a good comparison.

Inbox also-rans
Late to the party but I’ve just played Final Fantasy 7 Remake and… it was really good? Maybe a bit too drawn out but overall I thoroughly enjoyed it. Well done Square Enix!

Is it me or are Apex Legends character designs really boring? I do play it now and again but I barely ever remember the characters’ names. Overwatch is much better at that stuff.

This week’s Hot Topic
The subject for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Ishi, who asks what’s your favourite remake or remaster.

Remakes and remasters are more popular than ever at the moment, but which has been your favourite and why? Had you played the original when you first played the remake and how do you think the new version compares?

What upcoming remake or remaster are you most looking forward to and what do you hope gets announced eventually?

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