Games Inbox: Is Destiny 2 still worth playing?

The Tuesday Inbox asks why video game movies are never interactive, as one reader suggests Sony brings back MAG as a Battlefield clone.

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Destined for more
Like everyone else, I’ve been reading about all the acquisitions lately without really knowing what to think about any of it. I find the Bungie one especially confusing, since Sony don’t seem to really get anything out of it, but the question I find myself asking the most is whether Destiny 2 is still worth playing?

I don’t see any talk of there being a Destiny 3 anytime soon and yet I don’t know anyone that still plays the current game, so I’m not really sure exactly how popular it still is. I hear the new Witch Queen expansion is meant to be a good jumping on point, so I guess I’ll keep an eye out for how that reviews, but is the base game still popular now?

I’m curious to hear from anyone that still plays the game today though, as it surprises me there’s enough content to keep it going this long, as my memory of playing the first one is that it was already quite repetitive. I imagine Sony are going to be pushing Destiny 2 big in the future, but it seems like such an old game to suddenly be put in the spotlight again.

Grassroots gaming
So Stadia is on its last legs, eh? Normally I wouldn’t celebrate failure but in this case I’m glad. People are right to worry about Facebook and Netflix and other corporate giants thinking they can just buy up the video games industry, after they’ve seen it demonstrated by Microsoft that they can.

However, the failure of Stadia (and Amazon’s Luna, does anyone even know what that one is?) shows that approach is not going to work. These companies know nothing about gaming and it shows in the total failure that they’ve had so far. Even ignoring Luna, Amazon has been trying to make its own PC games for ages and they’ve gone nowhere either, despite masses of advertising and owning Twitch.

Personally, I think it’s debatable how much Microsoft even really understands the games industry, given some of the odd statements they’ve been coming out with lately and their complete inability to engage with Japan. You can buy up companies, even bribe people to stay working at them, but I don’t think that’s the same as having grassroots experience, as Google has ably demonstrated.

Interactive movie
If Tom Holland is such a big video game fan, that he’s suggesting making movies of Jak And Daxter, then why did he agree to be Nathan Drake in Uncharted, considering he’s completely wrong for the role? As is Mark Wahlberg as Sully.

By the sounds of it I think he might just have been a fan of Naughty Dog’s work and picked the roll for that reason. I still think it’d be more interesting if they tried to make these video game movies interactive, with some kind of voting app you can have by your seat in the cinema, deciding how major plot points go. That seems to me to be far more in keeping with adapting a video game, rather than just trying to copy some of the cut scenes in live action.

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Sony’s Battlefield
Have to agree with the reader who pointed out what a gamble live service games are. I guess the logic is that you only need one Fortnite or Apex Legends to make it all worthwhile but how many goes do you think Ubisoft are going to need to get there, if at all? If I was Sony, and I knew I was being outspent by my biggest rival, I would not bet heavily on a plan that involves so much risk and uncertainty.

That said, wouldn’t now be a good time to bring back MAG, the 256-player shooter? That’s a pretty unique boast even now and they could even try to take advantage of Battlefield’s failure by making it more like that. And if they don’t someone else should. I really enjoyed everything up to Battlefield 4 and there’s not really anything else around it like that at the moment, unless you count Battlefront.

I get the feeling some think it’s too complicated but given how crazy all the perks and attachments get in even something like Call Of Duty I don’t think that’s true. The bigger problem is that you’ve got a big map that you can get lost in and then you get shot by someone you never saw. That’s the only problem that needs to be solved with Battlefield and I’m not even sure DICE realise that’s an issue.
Tony T.

Blinded by the light
OK, I’ve got to admit, as much as I like the clean PlayStation 5 dashboard look, as compared to the cluttered Xbox dashboard, I’ve come to the realisation that with the Xbox I am able to put the effort in and customise it to make it work in a way that is very helpful. Whereas on the PlayStation 5 I can’t even create a folder, as so I’m stuck with a long unhelpful line of games.

Oh, egg on my face! After giving my PlayStation 4 and two controllers to a friend I finally set up PlayStation VR on my PlayStation 5, only to discover that I can’t play without a PlayStation 4 pad due to the lack of a light bar on the DualSense pad. Didn’t even occur to me it was an issue but thinking about it is blindingly obvious!

No perspective
Regarding Pokémon Legends: Arceus graphics. Can we have some perspective? It’s on a Switch. A five-year-old console, and games with tiny memory. Yet the way some people are moaning you’d think they’d just fired up their PlayStation 5 and Frogger was on it.

The graphics aren’t bad. Generally, I think they’re acceptable. Now. They also have around 250 separate sets of animated characters, which react to you and enter battle seamlessly. There’s also pretty decent weather (a howling wind and rain on the cobalt coastlands really impressed me). At some point they have to limit what they fit in.

I presume this could look like Zelda (it’s not as far off as you’re all making out – plus before someone points it out, Zelda has five different enemies and a dozen or so animals) but I’d guess we’d have to have non-overworked pokémon, and I prefer this to running around grass patches again.

GC: Breath Of The Wild is a five-year-old Wii U game and Pokémon Legends still doesn’t look as good as it does, we’d say the reader’s complaints were entirely valid.

Sadly believable
Why is it I find that rumour about a 1-2-Switch sequel completely believable? Nintendo doesn’t like to be proven wrong and even though clearly nobody liked the game I can easily see them trying to give it another shot, instead of any of an army of sequels people would actually want.

Just remember when you’re ignoring 1-2-Switch-2 in the bargain bins, in the not too distant future, that the money that went into making that could’ve gone towards a new F-Zero or Wave Race. Painful, isn’t it?

Awesome eventually
I know the GTA 6 ‘announcement’ didn’t amount to anything but unlike a lot of gamers I refuse to be down about it. It seems to be cool to hate on Rockstar at the moment, which I can understand given the GTA 3 remasters, which were obviously not up to scratch. But the remasters seem to have been mostly Take-Two’s idea and I don’t think any of the main GTA team had much to do with them.

I still remember the day that I saw the first GTA 5 trailer and it was mindblowing, miles better graphics than any other game at the time could do. I think the fact that we’re now two generations on from that is great because it means that whatever’s coming next is going to be absolutely amazing.

Red Dead Redemption 2 was already the best of its generation and now we get to see what Rockstar can do with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Things are getting pretty crazy at the moment with companies buying each other and the threat of exclusives but at the end of the day it’s the games that matter and GTA has never let me down. So whether it’s out this year or 2025 I don’t mind, it’s good to know that GTA 6 is definitely being made and that it’ll be awesome eventually.

Inbox also-rans
A breakthrough in AI for Gran Turismo 7? That’s a bit weird isn’t it? Does a racing game even need that good AI? I’m not sure I want to be shown up even more efficiently by other drivers.

Here’s a prediction I hope doesn’t come true: Bully 2 is real but Rockstar are doing it because the next Grand Theft Auto isn’t GTA 6 at all, just GTA Online. I could see them doing that as a bone to throw to fans.

This week’s Hot Topic
The subject for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Firetrain, who asks who is your least favourite video game character?

Whether it’s the protagonist, the villain, or someone much more minor, which video game character do you dislike the most? What is it that annoys you about them and is it because of their attitude, their actions, their voice-acting, or something else?

Are there any games where you dislike the majority of characters and how does that affect how much you enjoy the experience?

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