Games Inbox: Is Call Of Duty bigger than Fortnite?

The Wednesday Inbox wants to know how many people support Ellie in The Last Of Us Part 2, as one reader predicts ray-tracing remasters.

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Yearly Duty
I assume that the new Call Of Duty announcement is going to come any day now, given this Season Four reloaded business and the upcoming Xbox announcement. I can imagine Microsoft trying to take back the marketing from Sony for the series in the next gen, which would be quite the coup for them, and I think the fact that Call Of Duty wasn’t in the PlayStation 5 reveal may be an indication of that.

I would’ve bet against it a few years ago but Call Of Duty has just got bigger and bigger the last couple of years and I think it may now be the biggest paid-for franchise in gaming. Grand Theft Auto is the main rival but that’s hardly the same thing. Call Of Duty pumps out sequels every single year and I can’t honestly think of any that was completely bad.

Infinite Warfare was the most hated but I quite liked it and I don’t think anyone can honestly say it’s outright bad. I think there’s a good chance that this year’s Call Of Duty will be even bigger again, since Warzone will keep going and Black Ops is always popular no matter.

Fortnite might be celebrating that it’s not early access anymore but I think if it wasn’t free, or Call Of Duty was, then it would be COD that would be the biggest game. Makes me wonder if Warzone will lead to the whole game going free-to-play, then it really will be able to take on Fortnite.

Best bit
The frustrating thing about The Last Of Us Part 2 is that because of all the trolls who are hating the game without ever having played it we’re not getting any kind of sensible discussion about the story. Which is hard enough given you need massive spoilers to even start to talk about the plot.

I’m fascinated about people’s reason for either supporting Ellie’s actions or not but I’ve found that too many supporters fall in to the haven’t played it crowd or can’t justify their position any more than they liked her from the first game.

I’m certain there’s lots of Ellie supporters with rational takes on her situation but as usual they’re being drowned out by the zealots and it’s just all turning into a shouting match. This is basically a game that can never be discussed without spoilers and I think that’s actually quite a weakness. Discussing a game, especially a story one, after you’ve beaten it is often the best bit and that’s impossible here without being very careful.

Future cool
I am really looking forward to Cyberpunk 2077. The thought of it launching around the same time as PlayStation 5 is the icing on the cake (even if there isn’t going to be a proper PlayStation 5 version of the game until 2021).

However, I have to agree with a comment by Combi in Tuesday’s Inbox about what we’ve seen of the game’s dialogue so far. I understand that CD Projekt are trying to create their own vernacular or slang for the game’s characters, which can really help to heighten our sense of immersion in this other world.

But… it made me cringe a little. There’s something kind of adolescent with the game’s expression of ‘coolness’ through its use of language (from the admittedly little we’ve seen of it so far).

I don’t want to seem like I’m being too negative, I’m still excited to play it. I just hope the actual game has something more substantial to offer beyond the surface level coolness of a cyberpunk aesthetic.

Ray-tracing edition
I never would’ve guessed that Crysis was 13 years old, to look at that remaster trailer, but it definitely looks off in a way I can’t quite put my finger on. Maybe it’s the character models and animation but the whole thing just seems wrong somehow.

I think we’re reaching the point where remasters are kind of pointless as most games that would get them are either already in HD (which was the original point of them) or are too old for it to be worthwhile. Remakes are great, I’m all for them, but I have a nasty feeling that we’re going to remasters that add ray-tracing and fast-loading, and whatever other next gen buzzwords there are, and nothing else.

I tell you already I’m not paying extra for that. I only hope that Microsoft starts adding that sort of thing for free via their backwards compatibility and that makes it impossible for companies to try and charge for it. Because you know they would if they could.

Map details
Just in reply to WOZ_007 and the towers that hold/held the guardians in Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. They cannot be found underground as they are now above ground level, as explained in one of the cut scenes.

You can see them in the game and on the map too, they are the five things leaning in towards the centre of the castle, over the moat.
Montgomery Burns

Ultimate surprise
Really impressed by how Min Min plays in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. I didn’t watch the Nintendo Direct about it (they go on too long for me, and to be honest I prefer to be surprised) so I didn’t realise about using one button for each arm. It works great and really makes Min Min feel unique compared to the other fighters, especially given she’s so bad close up. Anything that can make Smash feel fresh again is doing something right and I’ve been playing it all day so far.

I do wish they could’ve added a few more characters as skins, since they all play similarly, but I guess that would’ve been too much work and spoiled the uniqueness of that character.

I’m stumped as to what any of the other new characters could be though as there’s no obvious other Nintendo franchises, old or new, and no reason to think one third party over another. Except maybe Dante from Devil May Cry. I also think Waluigi has a good chance given he’s a fan favourite joke character. At best that still leaves three complete guesses though.

I could’ve seen Vault Boy been an actual real character but beyond that I would still love to see Doomguy and maybe someone from Resident Evil? Who knows though, but that’s part of the fun!

Update warfare
Another 21GB update for Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare today I see this is taking the Mickey and before anyone says they need to do this to patch things, no, I’m sorry, if the game worked right first time it wouldn’t need this, would it?

This is a joke. I think after I buy my PlayStation 5 I’ll have to not buy Call Of Duty anymore, otherwise the only game that will be on it will be Call Of Duty. And before anyone says something they do a patch and it doesn’t work, what’s the point of the patch? They’re jokes and so is Infinity Ward.

GC: The updates are primarily adding new content, not fixing the original game.

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Low priority
If the Xbox Series S does only run at 1080p I actually think that’s a really good idea. Even though I have a 4K TV I’ll be the first to admit that it doesn’t really make that much difference for games and that if there was an option to save £100 on the new Xbox and stay at normal HD levels I’d probably be all for it. Subject to Microsoft making a good case for the games in July.

I wonder if that will be the same deal for Sony though? I would’ve thought we’d have heard a rumour about that already if it was the case. Although I don’t think the digital edition was ever leaked, so maybe Sony some how kept everything about that secret.

I like to watch films in 4K but as a gamer there are a dozen things more important than resolution when it comes to games, especially frame rate, so I support anything that deemphasis 4K as something that other graphical features should be sacrificed for. It’s lowest priority for me and if 4K all the time had been the major new feature for the next generation it would have been enough to put me off jumping in at all.

The next gen needs to have proper new features you can point at and say, ‘that’s something the last gen couldn’t do!’ For me that’s consistent 60fps and ray-tracing, both of which I’d much rather have than 4K.

Inbox also-rans
Bargain alert for readers, EA are offering EA Access for 79p for one month on PlayStation. This can be found on the PS Store or EA Access website. Not sure if this applies to Xbox and PC.
Hollinho (PSN ID)

How about a Hot Topic on what everybody’s favourite flop console is and why? By flop I was thinking of any console home or handheld which has sold less than 10 million units?

GC: That doesn’t really rule out much. Even the Saturn and Dreamcast managed 9+ million.

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