Games Inbox: Is Battlefield 2042 already dead?

The Monday Inbox asks how different Breath Of The Wild 2 will be to the first game, as one reader is unimpressed by Resident Evil Village.

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No winners
As we stagger towards another lockdown, or whatever it is that’s going on this Christmas, I was thinking of getting into a new online shooter. I don’t have an Xbox, so Halo is out, which leaves the obvious candidates as Call Of Duty: Vanguard and Battlefield 2042. I’m not interested in Vanguard for a dozen different reasons and while I accept it’s not meant to be terrible, I just can’t get excited about it.

Battlefield 2042 does seem more interesting on paper, in terms of the different modes and scale of the combat. I even like the setting, even though there’s not a story mode, and the graphics look great. But looking around online the game seems to have nothing but negative talk surrounding it and very low users numbers, on PC at least.

Is the game basically DOA? The whole scene seems dead and probably a mistake to get into from the start. After all that talk, before it was released, of Battlefield beating Call Of Duty and it turns out that both of the games have basically been rejected by their fanbase. On one hand it’s good to know people don’t eat up this stuff without thinking about it, but on the other I’m really not sure what to play now. Maybe Apex Legends?

Human only
I was hoping that they would show Starfield at The Game Awards just so we could get an idea of how much spaceship combat there is in it. As a lifelong Elite fan I just cannot cope with how boring Elite: Dangerous is and keep hoping they’ll release a ‘proper’ Elite 4 that’s single-player only. Even though I know they won’t.

If Starfield lets you go into space whenever you want, and pick a fight with whoever that would be fantastic, as far as I’m concerned. I am a bit disappointed it won’t have aliens in it though. Having just humans is probably to make it seem more realistic but I’m willing to bet there’s a lot more in the game that’s more unrealistic than aliens.

Aliens are totally scientific plausible, for example, but faster than light travel is not.

Take it away
Can I be a contrarian and say I don’t think It Takes Two is really that good? It’s fun to play in co-op, but what isn’t? For me, the whole game breaks down because the two main characters are completely unlikeable. I don’t think they’re meant to be but I didn’t want to ‘be’ them or hear them go on about themselves endlessly.

It was actually a pretty bad story and tonally it couldn’t decide whether to go for a Pixar style approach or something darker. The whole bit with the elephant is just plain weird and completely out of synch with the rest of the game. To me the whole thing seemed more like a good idea than a good game.

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Slow reaction
As a 45-year-old gamer who started on an Acorn Electron, I am guessing I am one of the first people who have been gaming since childhood to hit middle age, and in the last year or two I have noticed an alarming drop off in my abilities.

The game that has brought this on is Returnal. I am fairly sure at a younger age, with better reactions, I could have easily got through it, but I am still raging through the third level six months on. The other game I play that has hammered that home is Apex Legends. I have some younger gamer friends who consistently do better than me, and occasionally I do feel a burden.

I came to an epiphany recently though, and rather than playing ‘easier’ games, or ones not needing lightning reactions, I will continue to rage on. Maybe there will be a seniors league one day!
Cj Danby

Best and worst
Regarding the definitive version of Resident Evil 4, for me it’s the PlayStation 2 edition or the HD editions on PlayStation 3/Xbox 360, PlayStation 4/Xbox One, and also PC.

The PlayStation 2 edition wasn’t as good looking as the original GameCube release, but it added Separate Ways (five chapters where you played as Ada), a new laser weapon, and two crazy new outfits – a gangster one for Leon and a suit of armour for Ashley!

The Wii Edition also had all this extra content, and I had a lot of fun with it at the time, but due to my disability I am unable to play it anymore. My disability rules out me playing the VR version as well!

GC: Eh… the PlayStation 2 version is one of our least favourite versions, it always felt so ugly and inelegant.

Expensive at half the price
I recently finished Resident Evil Village after buying it for half price on the Xbox Series S and… I don’t think it was worth it.

I enjoyed the castle section the most, which is very early in the game, and feel like it just went downhill from then on.

The shooting just didn’t feel right and I hope Capcom return to third person for the next one and bring back Leon. Kudos to Capcom for trying different ideas and themes throughout the game but for me it just didn’t feel right.

I kept on playing just to see the story through and find out what’s going on and whilst it’s certainly not a bad game, I regret my purchase.

I’ve heard good things about Metro Exodus which is currently on sale for £7.99. I think I’ll give that a go.

The other side
Glad gaz be rotten has found a happy gaming life. I too have overcome major battles in my life through gaming, but I have to add there is a dark side to gaming with online harassment.

But on the whole gaming life can be a good and happy one. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone and GameCentral.

The wrong Zelda
So, are we all expected Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2 to be basically the same game but with different abilities? It’s set on the same open world, right? I know there seems to be a world in the air now as well, so there will be new locations but watching the trailer again, after those patents leaked, it looks like a lot of the game is going to be very similar to before.

A lot of people were predicting something like Majora’s Mask, where they used the basic foundation of Ocarina Of Time but then built something mostly new on top of it but the Breath Of The Wild sequel looks like it’s reusing a lot more by comparison.

I’m sure it’ll still be a good game but it actually seems a bit disappointing to me so far. If there’s a big gimmick here they need to announce it soon because I don’t think ‘Breath Of The Wild with new magic powers’ is really that much of a draw. I mean it is, if you want to be literal about it, but it’s going to seem like a major comedown from one of the most celebrated video games of all time.

I also hope the gimmick isn’t just playing as Zelda. Apart from me hating this wussy version of her, with the terrible voiceover, I just don’t see how that’s going to make that much difference. It’s not like Link has any special abilities himself, to start, so Zelda is going to seem a bit gimmicky if she does.

Inbox also-rans
I got £25 to burn on eShop, any cheap recommendations?
Alek Kazam
PS: Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to GC and all its readers.

GC: That’s a bit vague but there’s currently a sale on that has Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle for £11.09, Cuphead for £11.89, Sonic Mania for £7.99, and Rayman Legends for £7.49.

Scrabble battle royale actually sounds like a great idea. I’m not sure what year it came out now but Tetris 99 doesn’t get enough recognition for being a ton of fun too. It’s a better reason to have Nintendo Switch Online than some old Mega Drive games.

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