Fortnite’s Winterfest Returns This Week With 14 Days Of Presents

Epic never passes on an opportunity to celebrate the holiday season in Fortnite, and the latest update coupled with some of the game's influencers have revealed this year will be no different. Fortnite's 19.01 update has gone live today and it has laid the groundwork for Winterfest 2021 to begin later this week. On December 16, to be exact, at which point players can start opening gifts and completing festive challenges.

While there doesn't appear to be a Millennium Falcon-shaped present waiting for us under The Lodge's tree like there was during a previous Winterfest, there will still be 14 days of gifts up for grabs. One of them is from MJ hinting that there will be something Spidey-themed inside. Players will get one each and every day starting from December 16 all the way up to December 29. The final one may well be a 2022 New Year backbling, although that might be reserved for those who log in on New Year's Eve.

Gifts won't be the only thing coming to the island later this week. The start of Winterfest 2021 will also welcome Sgt Winters back to the island. Winters is Fortnite's Santa and he drives a truck rather than relying on magical reindeer to get about. Winters also introduced planes to the island two chapters ago, which might mean they make a comeback later this week.

YouTuber Tabor Hill has shown off a card he received from Epic detailing some of the festivities that will be brought about by Winterfest. As well as Winters and 14 days of presents, there will be special challenges to complete and a lot for those of you who use Fortnite's Creative to get excited about. Seven Christmas-themed maps including zone wars and prop hunt.

Christmas is always a fun time for Fortnite players, and understandably so. It's the busiest time of year for console newcomers which means a whole new group of potential players to lure in. Fortnite also needs to be more fun than ever to keep its current crowd interested as they receive other games that will be vying for their attention as gifts.

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