Fortnite spooky TV sets locations: How to destroy TV sets for Foreshadowing Quest

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Fortnite spooky TV sets Foreshadowing Quest is going live today. The new Foreshadowing Quest tasks players with finding and destroying five spooky TV sets littered around the Battle Royale map. Completing this Fortnite Foreshadowing Quest will reward you with 24,000 XP.

The description for the Fortnite Foreshadowing Quest Line says: “Destroy spooky TV sets. All unauthorised broadcasts must be terminated.

“I have an idea where those are coming from…and I don’t like it.”

You need to find and destroy five spooky TV sets to complete the Fortnite Foreshadowing Quest, with seven on the map in total.

If you’re struggling to find where the Fortnite spooky TV set map locations are then don’t worry – is here to help.

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We have details on all of the locations of the Fortnite spooky TV sets in this article.

First up, you can check out the image in this article which gives an overview of all of the Fortnite spooky TV set map locations.

This image was shared online by the @FN_Assist Twitter account.

Alongside it they tweeted: “Destroy Spooky TV sets, at various locations, as ordered by the mysterious Doctor Slone to terminate all Alien Broadcasts!”

This cheat sheet will help you find all of the Fortnite spooky TV sets you need to complete this challenge.

If you’re still struggling then you can check out this video from YouTube channel EveryDay FN.

And, in case you need any further info then here are details on each location…

• Fortnite spooky TV set location #1 – On a small island that is slightly northeast of Craggy Cliffs

• Fortnite spooky TV set location #2 – South west of Coral Castle near a cliff edge by Fort Crumpet

• Fortnite spooky TV set location #3 – Just north of Holly Hedges by a large rock in between some trees

• Fortnite spooky TV set location #4 – Near Dirty Docks, slightly south west of that POI you’ll find another Fortnite spooky TV set by some pine trees

• Fortnite spooky TV set location #5 – West of Lazy Lake, cross the river, head up the cliff and you’ll find the TV set by pine trees again

• Fortnite spooky TV set location #6 – At a campsite near the weather station

• Fortnite spooky TV set location #7 – South of Slurpy Swamp, hidden away near some trees

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