Fortnite Players Are Pretending To Be Stormtroopers To Catch Players Off Guard

Fortnite's May 4 quests are celebrating Star Wars Day by having you bump heads with stormtroopers – you're tasked with visiting checkpoints, using lightsabers, delivering vehicles, doling out damage with blasters, and more, but some are using that to their advantage for easy kills.

One player shared a clip on Reddit of them using the stormtrooper cosmetic, standing around, pretending to be part of the checkpoint. Granted, they have a glowing red lightsaber, but a player pops by and doesn't seem to notice, until they peer in for a closer inspection. Before they can react, the stormtrooper gets a few swings in and they're out of commission.

With the right weapons, emotes, and skins, you could easily slot right into a checkpoint and pretend to be one of the NPCs, and it wouldn't be the first time it's happened in Fortnite. Players are constantly finding inventive ways to use cosmetics, skills, and emotes to their advantage to blend in, hide, and get the upper hand on enemies. We even saw people using Spider-Man's emote to cling to the ceiling, so they could catch randoms walking in.

But if you want to avoid getting caught out at a checkpoint, there are some ways you can make sure that all the stormtroopers are really players. Checkpoints only have two troopers – if you see a third, play along to catch them off guard or tuck your tail and run.

And while the quests are named after May the 4 – as in May the 4th be with you – the event is running until the end of the week, so there's plenty of time to try this out for yourself if you want to get some easy kills.

However, it ultimately depends on the player popping by, as NPCs have telltale signs like a glitch effect, unique movement patterns, positions, and stances. Get lucky and find someone who isn't paying attention though, as in the video above, and you might nab yourself a cheeky kill or two.

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