Fortnite: How To Unlock Black Panther’s Kinetic Shockwave

The latest Marvel superpower added to Fortnite is Black Panther’s Kinetic Shockwave. Here’s where to find it, how to use it, and what it does.

We may have reached the point where it’s time to declare beyond a shadow of a doubt that this has been the greatest season of Fortnite to date. That only applies to Marvel fans, of course, which is an awful lot of people. Fortnite players can unlock a boatload of Marvel loot this season, including Thor, She-Hulk, Iron Man, and Wolverine skins. All while supervillain Galactus inches ever closer to the island.

That really is just the tip of the iceberg, as anyone who has played Fortnite this season will know. Marvel POIs have been added to the island too, including a massive take on Stark Industries, and a Black Panther statue which players have been visiting to honor the late, great, Chadwick Boseman who played the hero in the MCU.

Epic has now added another Black Panther item to Fortnite. This one takes the form of a superpower and joins a multitude of others already added to the game. The Black Panther ability Epic has gone with is Kinetic Shockwave. The power is built into Black Panther’s high-tech armor. When activated, the armor emits a blast that will send any nearby opponents flying.

The power itself won’t actually deal any damage. It will simply blast opponents back, giving anyone who uses the power the upper hand when it comes to a follow-up attack. As for finding the power, there are two ways to do that. In Fortnite’s regular BR mode, players will need to take their chance with Stark drones. Each one will have a superpower inside, but its down to luck whether you land Kinetic Shockwave or not.

Players who want to guarantee they find Black Panther’s armor and can use Kinetic Shockwave will need to do so by competing in the Marvel Standoff LTM. Look out for loadouts that emit a colored light. Black Panther’s will be glowing green, and inside the loadout will be the brand new superpower. It will also appear via a Black Panther symbol on the map. Just remember that in this LTM, every other player will have a superpower too, providing they have found a loadout.

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