Fortnite Has Already Disabled Hurdling

Epic Games rolled out a bigger-than-expected update in Fortnite this week, reintroducing Burt Assault Rifles, hurdling, and the Shockwave Hammer to the game. However, the middle of those three has proved so problematic yet again that just days later, the mechanic has been disabled.

While the return of the hammer and the rifle would have been noticed by most regular players immediately, you might not have even realized hurdling had been removed and then returned again. What seems like a relatively simple feature that does exactly what it says on the tin. Allows players to hop over low walls and objects, making it slightly easier to traverse the island.

Turns out it's not as simple a mechanic to implement as you might think as it continues to cause Epic all sorts of headaches. Hurdling is gone again, and while it hasn't been officially noted specifically, it seems likely that the various complaints, coupled with video evidence in some cases, are the reason why hurdling is gone again. The update confirms players can still mantle over taller objects, and that a fix for hurdling is being worked on.

If you're among the players who haven't been affected by Fortnite's hurdling issues, or the group that didn't even realize it had been and gone, the leading problem appears to be the mechanic sending players high up into the sky. RoyalMannequin's clip shows the player hurdling over an object only to be sent flying up in the air. They're not shown hitting the floor, but it presumably ends with an elimination.

As noted, hurdling wasn't the only thing added back to Fortnite this week. After a very short hiatus, the controversial Shockwave Hammer returned to the game via this week's update. Changes have been made to the weapon, but it continues to have players split. Some think it's overpowered, while others think quite the opposite.

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