Fortnite DOWN: Update 23.20 delayed, but Shockwave Hammer returns

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Fortnite developer Epic Games is getting ready to release a new update, although it’s not quite the patch fans are hoping for. While most fans were hoping for update 23.20, Epic will instead release a minor hotfix on PS5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and Android. Despite only making a handful of minor fixes, the new hotfix will be accompanied by a period of server downtime.

Fortunately, however, Fortnite insiders such as Hypex and Shiina believe the downtime will only last for a short period of time.

Indeed, the upcoming Fortnite hotfix will have a January 10 release date and a 9am GMT UK launch time.

Shiina explains more: “There will be a short downtime in 14 hours from now in which Epic Games will fix a few problems that players are currently experiencing.

“The Shockwave Hammer will most likely get unvaulted again after this downtime is over.”

As you can see from the tweet above, the hotfix will primarily be used to re-introduce the Shockwave Hammer.

The Shockwave Hammer was vaulted after Epic discovered an issue with the item. The Hammer wasn’t doing damage to player built structures.

Express Online will keep this story updated with the server downtime schedule and full patch notes on the morning of January 10.

In the meantime, you can check out the early patch notes below. Update 23.20 will be released next week, most likely on the morning of January 17.

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Fortnite January 10 hotfix update patch notes (unconfirmed)…


• Bonus Rewards ‘Pre-requisite Not Met’ Issue

– Please note that you must claim all rewards on the Bonus Rewards page(s) before unlocking rewards on the next page.

– For instance, all rewards on Page 1 must be unlocked before moving on to Page 2.


• Controller inputs don’t work on PC when spectating.

– When joining a party that is already in a match and spectating them, PC players using a controller may find the controller buttons are unresponsive.

• Shockwave Hammers don’t deal damage to your own player-built structures.

– When damaging your own builds with the Shockwave Hammer, you will not be able to destroy them.

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