Forspoken: Chapter 9 – Breaking Point Walkthrough

After the chaos that was Chapter 8 of Forspoken, you're given a pretty calm introduction to this one. With a whole new set of spells to play with, now is a great time to learn how they work and go back and complete some tasks that were previously a bit too difficult. Alternatively, you could go ahead and follow the story – things are getting interesting, huh?

Once you get to grips with your fancy new power, it's soon time to return to Cipal for what is hopefully another celebration. There's only one way to find out!

Breaking Point

Once you regain control of Frey, follow the map marker until you reach the very large lake at the top of the hill. Here, you are prompted to learn how to use your new Glide spell – it's very simple, just hold the Flow button as you move across water and you'll glide on top of it instead of sinking.

Note that Glide consumes stamina as you use it, so be careful. Getting caught in the middle of a large body of water with no stamina is very dangerous if there are enemies around! If you enhance the spell by completing its spellcraft challenge, though, it will consume less stamina as you use it.

Once you reach the other side of the lake, Fast Travel will be enabled again. Now, you could head directly to Cipal to continue on with the story, but now is a really great time to explore a bit more and practice using your new Blue Magic spells. Once you return to Cipal, you'll be railroaded for a while, and this sequence includes some tough fights, so it's a good idea to power up a bit.

Notably, with three elements at your fingertips, you'll be able to hit every enemy in the game for at least neutral damage – this means you have a better chance of beating foes that you previously couldn't thanks to resistances.

Regardless, when you're ready, return to Cipal as you did after beating Tanta Sila. Enter through the main gates and listen to the conversation between Frey and Cuff as you make your way back to the council chambers. When you reach the chambers, a cutscene will begin – this is the end of Chapter 9. Short one, huh?

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