Flight Simulator VR Performance/Control Fixes Incoming

Flight Simulator VR performance fixes are on the way according to a new feedback system that specifically targets the VR integration for the game.

In developer Asobo’s latest developer Q&A session, head of Flight Sim Jorg Neumann revealed that “quite a few” people were playing the game in VR. But, even then, the numbers aren’t enough to really register with the team’s current feedback system for the entire game, which lets people vote on priorities for developers.

Given that, Asobo has established a new system specific to VR. A quick overview confirms that improvements to performance, graphics and controls are all coming (which is good to hear given that we have trouble getting Flight Sim running in VR). Plus the most voted feature, adding support for VR controllers, was confirmed to be being worked on a few weeks back.

Other popular features include sliders for brightness and scale, the former of which will be implemented later this year.

VR support hit Flight Sim late last year and allows you to play the game with headsets like the HP Reverb G2, Oculus Rift, Valve Index and HTC Vive. Some players have asked for integration with headsets like Pimax and Varjo, but the team said it’s mainly up to those company’s OpenXR integration to get support in.

VR updates will come in tandem with other fixes to the main game itself that will, by extension, improve the VR experience. What are you hoping to see next for Flight Sim’s VR support? Let us know in the comments below!

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