First Major Update For Spellbreak Now Available

It’s been a while since Spellbreak first came to the market. Spellbreak is a free battle royale game that made its appearance in the Epic Games Store last year in September. But Proletariat, its developer, is not neglecting it in the least with a new update for the game finally available.

The update will be on chapter two, or “The Fracture,” and it will be called Dominion. This update adds a new 5v5 objective mode in which you must capture zones for whichever team you’re on. The map won’t include any chests, so the player must defeat others in order to gain potions and scrolls.

This is just the beginning though, as they’ve also added a ranking system called “Leagues,” so the game falls in line with most of the other big PvP games out there. Furthermore, the update will allow for the purchase of new outfits and the exploration of new regions. You can learn a bunch more about the cause of the Fracture while fighting against the Vowguard. In addition, you’ll get the opportunity to meet new NPCs. It also seems that the devs have taken feedback to heart, because players will now be able to reroll one daily quest each day.

The list of updates is quite long, and you can view the full one here. In short, some of the other major features being updated include: players can resurrect their fallen teammates when crossing into the next circle in battle royale, a general gravity reduction of 25 percent, a sped up drop recovery animation duration, downed “orb” timer reduction, increased storm damage early on before reaching its current damage values, and updates to runes, potions, talents, classes, matchmaking, stores, UI, and map. They have also included updates that are specific to each platform that the game is available on.

Though Spellbreak was initially exclusive to the Epic Games Store, it is now available on GeForce, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and Nintendo Switch, so it’s widely accessible if you want to give it a try.

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