Final Fantasy VII Remake: A Complete Guide To Materia

Understanding how the materia system in Final Fantasy VII Remake works is a must for those hoping to tackle the game’s hardest content. Anybody who played the original game should already have a fairly good idea how it all works, although the remake does change things up a little and also introduces some brand new materia as well.

For those who aren’t already familiar with materia, they’re basically small orbs of crystallized Mako which grant their users unique powers and abilities. Like the party members themselves, they are able to level up and their effects will become stronger as they do so. This could be in the form of better passive perks, decreased cooldown or even brand new offensive and defensive spells. All you’ll need to do to accomplish this is acquire a certain amount of AP by defeating enemies while the materia is equipped.

Materia can only be equipped in special slots in a party member’s weapon or armor. When you first start playing you’ll only have access to three or four of these, but you’ll eventually find new equipment with more slots available. As you level up your party, you’ll also be able to increase the number of slots in your existing weapons by upgrading them. Each weapon can have up to six materia slots and also has a single slot that’s used specifically for Summoning materia.

Magic Materia (Green)

  • Healing Materia – Used to cast Cure, Cura, Regen and Curaga.
  • Cleansing Materia – Used to cast Poisona, Esuna and Resist.
  • Revival Materia – Used to cast Raise and Arise.
  • Fire Materia – Used to cast Fire, Fira and Firaga.
  • Ice Materia – Used to cast Blizzard, Blizzara and Blizzaga.
  • Lightning Materia – Used to cast Thunder, Thundara and Thundaga.
  • Wind Materia – Used to cast Aero, Aerora and Aeroga.
  • Poison Materia – Used to cast Bio, Biora and Bioga.
  • Barrier Materia – Used to cast Sleep, Silence and Berserk.
  • Subversion Materia – Used to cast Breach and Dispel.
  • Time Materia – Used to cast Haste, Slow and Stop.

Command Materia (Yellow)

  • Chakra Materia – Restores HP and cures Poison.
  • Assess Materia – Provides information about an enemy’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • ATB Boost Materia – Doubles the user’s ATB when activated.
  • Prayer Materia – Restores HP to all party members.
  • Steal Materia – Allows the user to steal from an enemy.
  • Enemy Skill Materia – Allows the user to learn and use up to four special enemy techniques.

Support Materia (Blue)

  • Elemental Materia – Allows a party member to imbue their attacks with elemental damage when equipped in their weapon or absorb it when it’s equipped in their armor.
  • Magnify Materia – Allows spells to be cast on multiple targets.
  • Warding Materia – Reduces debuff duration by up to 100%.
  • Synergy Materia – Causes the user to cast the linked spell whenever the same spell is used by the player controlled character.
  • HP Absorption Materia – Recovers HP whenever the linked spell or ability is used.
  • AP UP Materia – Doubles the AP that the linked materia earns during battle.

Complete Materia (Purple)

  • HP Up Materia – Increases the user’s HP by up to 50%.
  • MP Up Materia – Increases the user’s MP by up to 50%.
  • Magic Up Materia – Increases the user’s Magic stat by up to 25%.
  • Luck Up Materia – Increases the user’s Luck stat by up to 50%.
  • Gil Up Materia – Increases the amount of Gil looted from battle.
  • EXP Up Materia – Doubles the amount of EXP that the user earns in battle.
  • Deadly Dodge Materia – Allows the user to perform an area attack immediately after dodge rolling.
  • Parry Materia – Allows the user to parry by pressing the circle button while guarding.
  • First Strike Materia – Allows the user to enter battle with their ATB meter partially charged.
  • Auto-Cure Materia – The user will automatically cast Cure whenever a party member’s HP is low. It can be used up to ten times per battle but will only work if the user has the required MP and ATB to cast.
  • Item Master Materia – Increases the effectiveness of items by up to 50%.
  • ATB Stagger Materia – Increases the user’s ATB meter when an enemy is staggered.
  • ATB Assist Materia – Increases the ATB meters of other party members when abilities are used in quick succession.

Summoning Materia (Red)

  • Ifrit – Deals Fire damage.
  • Chocobo & Moogle – Deals Wind and non-elemental damage.
  • Shiva – Deals Ice damage.
  • Fat Chocobo – Deals non-elemental damage.
  • Leviathan – Deals non-elemental damage.
  • Bahamut – Deals non-elemental damage.
  • Carbuncle [DLC] – Provides support and healing abilities.
  • Cactuar [DLC] – Deals a fixed amount of physical damage.
  • Chocobo Chick [DLC] – Deals elemental and non-elemental damage.

Most of the game’s Summoning materia is acquired by defeating the associated Summon in their respective battle simulation challenges, although there are a few that are that are obtained elsewhere. Many of the more common types of materia can be purchased from stores and traders and sometimes even found lying on the ground throughout Midgar. For more advanced materia, however, you’ll need to complete some of Chadley’s Battle Intel Reports.

Once equipped, Magic materia can be used by selecting your desired spell from the Magic sub-menu of the in-battle Commands menu. Any equipped Command materia will show up in the Abilities sub-menu while the effects of the Support and Complete materia are typically passive and so you won’t need to worry about them too much during combat. The same, however, cannot be said for Summoning materia.

Unlike in the original game, you’ll need to wait until one of the party’s summon gauges are full before you’re able to summon. Thankfully though, you don’t need to use it right away once it becomes available and in many cases it can actually be beneficial to wait until a boss is staggered. You can also boost the power of Summoning materia by equipping the party member who’ll be using it with the Mythical Amulet accessory.

The game’s blue Support materia is designed to be paired with other materia types; either to increase its area of effect or to combine the effects of both materia into a single devastating attack. To do this, all you’ll need to do is put the two materia that you want to combine into one of the connected slots in a party member’s weapon or armor. While many of these combinations are useful, those involving the Magnify and Elemental materia are by far the best available.

When combined with Magic materia, Magnify will allow you to cast defensive spells on the entire party or hit each of your foes with an offensive attack. Using it this way does decrease the spell’s effectiveness a little, although by leveling up the materia it’s possible to mitigate this somewhat. Sadly, however, there is only one orb of Magnify materia available in the game, so you’ll have to choose wisely when it comes to deciding what to pair it with.

Elemental materia is an entirely different beast and is considered by many to be the best materia in the game. When paired with Fire, Lightning, Ice or Wind materia and equipped in the user’s weapon, Elemental materia imbues the user’s attack with the paired element allowing them to exploit an enemy’s weakness with physical attacks. If it’s equipped in the user’s armor though, it will instead allow them to absorb the paired element and will even heal them once the Elemental materia has been mastered. Unlike Magnify, it’s possible to acquire a second orb of Elemental by completing all of the side quests in Chapter 14.

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