Final Fantasy 7 Remake: 9 Best NPCs

Already sharing with the world its fan-favorite leading and side characters, Final Fantasy 7 Remake's personalization also extends to its NPCs. Some have been brought over from the original, while others are newly created for the remake. However, all have slick designs that flourish in the anime-like style.

There are almost endless amounts of NPCs you'll encounter through the 32-hour runtime, and even the ones with a few seconds of screen time can make a lasting impact. These idle conversations with characters bolster the story, making it feel like events have formed and altered the world rather than been manufactured to plump up a game. We can't include every character here, but we can shed light on some of the best NPCs Final Fantasy 7 Remake offers.

9 Zhijie

Zhijie makes his remake appearance in the Intermission DLC and has close ties to Avalanche. He's also one of many NPCs who try to take down Shinra in their own way, albeit with non-violent methods. During his mission in the DLC, Yuffie and Sonon must chase down Zhijie, who finds himself captured by Shinra subordinates, where we get our first clear glimpse at how smug the character can be.

Zhijie stalls these officers making fun of their incompetence in getting answers, and buys Yuffie and Sonon enough time to move on. He doesn't have the most prominent role in the DLC, but moments like these make him one of the most memorable NPCs.

8 Chocobo Sam

Chocobo Sam has a very cut-and-dry attitude when Cloud first meets him and tends to say what he thinks without considering how others may take it. However, as you can tell from his name, he's also an adoring fan of Chocobo's, who you can help him find during the side quest 'Chocobo Search' in chapter 14.

Although not directly aiding Cloud and Aerith on their rescue mission for Tifa, he didn't do anything to try and stop them, proving that under that stern attitude is a big heart of gold. Sam also has a romantic side as there's a history with Madam M hinted at throughout the game. And he isn't exactly tight-lipped about other women he finds attractive.

7 Wymer

When you first enter Midgar, the game introduces you to side quests that citizens of the slums assign to you. The person who gets you started with all this is Wymer, a facilitative, loyal man who watches out for the little guy, who looks after all the residents of his sector and ensures they're feeling good.

This compassionate side makes Wymer one to remember, even after all the other characters that come and go through the story. He's the first person outside of Cloud's existing allies (Tifa, Biggs, Wedge, Barret, Jessie) who gives him a shot, regardless of his past line of work.

6 Madam M

Madam M doesn't exist in the original Final Fantasy 7; instead, making her first appearance in the remake. Just like Chocobo Sam, her romantic pursuits with him are hinted at, which may be why she so quickly becomes angry whenever he speaks. There are also two sides to her.

Her true self, where she reacts in anger and is easy to irritate is the kind of stuff she hides away in the art of respecting customers.The superficial side is what Madam M esteems herself as being when talking to her customers. She will be professional and keep neutral, never showing her dislike for an idea, even if she disagrees with someone. While being manipulative, this does open up doors for entertaining scenes whenever she's on the screen.

5 Leslie Kyle

Leslie is different from most of Corneo's lackeys as he shows genuine compassion and concern for the women who end up being chosen by Corneo. We see this when Aerith pleads to audition, and Leslie begins to show a more profound understanding than the other lackeys, recommending that she leave.

Later in the story, Leslie comes to Cloud asking for help assassinating Corneo, believing him to have had a hand in his girlfriend Merle's disappearance. This issue is unfortunately never resolved as Corneo escapes, leading Leslie to head off looking for him. We don't see the character after this point, and with only the remake as a reference, it's unsure whether he will find him.

4 ​Zack Fair

Zack is a playable character in another Final Fantasy title, so this entry is a bit of a cheat, but his brief appearance in the remake was too great not to mention. He makes a very short appearance at both the end of the main game and the end of the Intermission DLC, a surprise to many as Zack was thought dead in the original timeline.

The remake messes around with timelines quite a bit, so future appearances of once-dead characters may occur once more. Zack doesn't say much of anything, but it's the potential future that makes these moments so exciting.

3 Kyrie Canaan

Kyrie is a resident of the Sector 5 Slums, someone who likes to mess around and is a little mischievous, resulting in her not taking her actions seriously and failing to take responsibility for them. In chapter 14, the group finds her hiding out at Aerith's, where she asks for help with Shinra, after mistakenly becoming wrapped up with them by stealing Corneo's vault key.

Kyrie finds herself in many situations like this, though not quite as dangerous, because of her tendency to pickpocket others. While the best lesson would be to stop pickpocketing altogether, the message seemingly goes over her head, as she states how from now on, she'll make sure to "only steal from the right people."

2 Marle

Marle is the type of person everybody wants in life and acts as a grandmother to Tifa. You first meet Marle once arriving at the Sector 7 Slums, where she threatens to harm Cloud if anything happens to Tifa. Still, she later warms up to him, as seems to happen with all other characters with initial disdain towards the protagonist.

She not only helped Tifa to become her own person but helps other women in the slums find a place to live and is one of the leading forces assisting people in evacuating during the Sector 7 pillar attack. Marle also brings much-needed comfort and joy to the story whenever things get dark.

1 Shinra Middle Manager

The Shinra middle manager taking the top spot might seem a little ridiculous from the name alone, but for those who have yet to play Final Fantasy 7 Remake, this character is just as good as some of the more prominent ones in the game.

During the Dogged Pursuit chapter, Cloud, Tifa, and Barret ride the train to Sector four. However, once Shinra finds out about their fake IDs, drones are sent after them. A little after this, Tifa pleads with everyone to get out of the current carriage telling the Shinra middle manager to get to safety.

He, of course, questions this wondering why Tifa wants to help those she's against, and it's here where we see what much of Tifa's story has been leading up to; how she disagrees with the bloodshed caused by Avalanche. It's a fantastic moment for both and sticks out as one of the best moments in the game.

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