Final Fantasy 14’s Steam Page Suggests Data Center Travel Coming Before Endwalker Expansion

Square Enix is busy with the upcoming expansion for Final Fantasy 14, Endwalker. It was originally believed that with version 6.0 this fall, players would be able to visit friends on any server using cross data center travel, but a line up the game’s Steam page looks like we may see the feature in Shadowbringers, version 5.58.

Back in February, Yoshida and his team revealed that cross data center travel would come with the Endwalker expansion, so that means some time later this year. You may remember back at the end of Stormblood, the Final Fantasy 14 team added the ability to visit friends on the same data center, but different servers – just months before the Shadowbringers update. This takes things a bit further, meaning data centers like Primal and Aether will now be available destinations for everyone.

Spotted by a Twitter user, it looks like the Final Fantasy 14 Steam page originally had a line that mentioned the feature coming, reading, “Data Center Travel is scheduled to be implemented in Patch 5.58.”

If you check the Steam page now, it looks like the line has since been removed, but players on Reddit also reported seeing the line and its change. There has been no word officially from Square Enix on an early implementation on the feature, and it’s absent from the preliminary patch notes.

Death Unto Dawn, patch 5.5, is out on April 13, but the patch mentioned above, 5.58, wouldn’t be readily available just yet. The MMO typically updates with one big patch, and a few, smaller content drops follow in the weeks after.

As for Endwalker, the expansion doesn’t have a release date just yet, so if we really are waiting until 6.0 for cross data center travel, we don’t know how long that wait will be just yet. Square Enix has only confirmed we’ll begin Endwalker some time this fall. A more concrete release date may come sometime next month, when Square Enix hosts its digital fan fest for the MMO.

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