Final Fantasy 14: Storm’s Crown Trial Guide

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Storm's Crown is a level 90 Trial in Final Fantasy 14, added in patch 6.2. As you make your way through the Thirteenth, searching for Vrtra's sister Azdaja, you learn of Golbez and his four Archfiends, powerful Voidsent that seem to be preparing for war.

After meeting Zero and returning to her domain within the Thirteenth, it appears a battle with Golbez and his Archfiends is inevitable. Head to Barbariccia's domain and defeat her, and maybe you'll learn more about what happened to Azdaja. Let's take a look at every attack Barbariccia will use in this fight, and how to avoid them.

How To Unlock Storm's Crown

This Trial is unlocked during the main story of patch 6.2, through the following quest.

  • Accept the Main Scenario Quest 'The Wind Rises'
    • NPC Location: Zero – Zero's Domain (X:5.8, Y:4.7)

    You can enter Zero's Domain by first heading to The Great Work in Thavnair, speaking with the NPC next to the entrance to the Tower of Zot to go to Weaver's Warding, then entering The Fell Court of Troia. Finally, move through the dungeon until you reach the end, where you can find the entrance back to Zero's Domain.

    Barbariccia Phase One

    • Void Aero IV: Barbariccia will deal damage to all party members to start off the fight. Healers be ready to restore the party's health as you prepare for the next mechanics.
    • Savage Barbery: This attack has two versions. In the first version of Savage Barbery, Barbariccia will create glowing orange swords that arc above her. Then, she will attack with a line AoE down the center of the arena, in the direction of the arcing swords, before throwing her sword in an indicated direction, creating a large circle AoE where it lands.
      • In the second version of Savage Barbery, the glowing orange swords will circle around Barbariccia, indicating that she will attack with a large ring AoE, with a safe spot on the boss. Move as close as you can to Barbariccia to avoid this, and watch out for the following AoE where she throws her sword.
    • Hair Raid: This attack follows immediately after Savage Barbery. Barbariccia will leap towards her sword before throwing out a large conal AoE. After Savage Barbery, run towards Barbariccia's sword to avoid the follow-up AoE.
      • Later in the fight, during subsequent uses of Hair Raid, Barbariccia will also cast Hair Spray, targeting players with AoE markers. Avoid Hair Raid, then quickly spread out to avoid these AoEs.
      • Void Aero III: Barbariccia will target a Tank with a stacking Tankbuster. Both Tanks should group together to spread out the damage of this attack, using defensive cooldowns as necessary.
        • Teasing Tangles: Barbariccia will create four circle AoEs around the arena, dealing damage in the area. Then, she will pull in two players to each created circle, tethering them to the center. While tethered, your movement speed will be drastically reduced, and attempting to leave the circle will pull you back to the center, dealing damage and inflicting the Sustained Damage debuff, dealing more damage over its duration. Stay inside the circle for the duration of Teasing Tangles.
          • Secret Breeze: This attack will occur during Teasing Tangles. Barbariccia will create two sets of cone AoEs from the center of the arena, attacking one after the other. While you are tethered, carefully avoid each set of cone AoEs as best you can.
        • Deadly Twist: Barbariccia will target a random player with a stack marker. Group up on the affected player's position to spread out the damage of this attack.
        • Curling Iron: Barbariccia will deal damage and knockback all players slightly before jumping into the air and preparing a massive room-wide attack. When she lands, she will deal high damage to all players, and the fight will transition into phase two. Healers should be ready to restore the party's health, and apply regen and shields as necessary.
        • Barbariccia Phase Two

          In phase two, Barbariccia will gain access to several new mechanics, and she will attack more frequently. Individually, these mechanics aren't difficult to avoid, but Barbariccia will overlap them in ways that can trip you up if you're not careful.

          Additionally, as phase two begins, the outer edge of the arena will be covered in wind that deals damage if you enter it.

          • Brutal Rush: Barbariccia will attack with a series of AoEs. First, she will fire several line AoEs from the center of the arena. Then, Barbariccia will launch several curved AoEs that create clones around the edges of the arena that will shortly repeat this attack. Finally, more line AoEs will appear and intersect at various points near the center of the arena. Watch the AoE telegraph markers and avoid each of these attacks carefully.

          • Impact: Barbariccia will create a circular blue AoE near the center of the arena before knocking all players back from this location. Be careful not to be pushed into the wind around the edge of the arena, or into other AoEs that may occur at the same time.
          • Dry Blows: Barbariccia will summon small circular AoEs around the arena. Avoid these as you dodge other attacks.
          • Tousle: Several waves of small green tornados will appear in the center of the arena before moving slowly to the edges. Hitting one of these tornados will knock you into the air, dealing damage and inflicting vulnerability up. Watch the path of the tornados carefully to avoid them.

          • Upbraid: Barbariccia will attack with a circle AoE followed immediately by a ring AoE. Avoid the circle AoE by standing close to its outer edge, then step inside after it resolves to avoid the following ring AoE.
          • Boulder Break: Barbariccia will target both Tanks with a high damage attack. Both Tanks should spread away from each other and other players, and use defensive cooldowns to mitigate the damage of Boulder Break.
          • Knuckle Drum: Barbariccia will deal damage to all players several times in a row, increasing her speed and damage with each use of the attack. Healers should be prepared to recover the party's health throughout the duration of this attack.
          • Bold Boulder: Barbariccia will mark the Tank with a proximity-based Flare AoE, which deals more damage the closer you are to it when it resolves. The targeted Tank should move to the opposite side of the arena as the rest of the party, who will be dealing with Trample.
          • Trample: This attack occurs at the same time as Bold Boulder. One random payer will be marked with a stack marker; all other players (except for the Tank targeted with Bold Boulder) should group up on their position to spread out the damage of this attack.
          • Touchdown: This attack may occur during Teasing Tangles. Barbariccia will create a knockback AoE at one edge of the arena. While tethered, move towards the knockback AoE without leaving your circle to avoid being knocked out of the other side of the circle.

          Barbariccia will repeat these mechanics until she is defeated. While each attack may look easy enough to avoid, Barbariccia will overlap two or three of these attacks at the same time as the fight progresses, making avoiding them hectic. Watch each attack carefully, and focus on dodging AoE markers.

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