Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker – The Stigma Dreamscape Dungeon Guide

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The Stigma Dreamscape is a level 90 optional dungeon in Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker. Dive inside the consciousness of a warmongering AI and stop Stigma-4 from attempting to destroy the planet. Seeing as you just got done saving the planet, you'll want to stop this machine from doing it again.

You'll need to tread carefully if you want to convince an AI whose sole purpose is the destruction of worlds not to do exactly that. Let's take a look at each boss you'll fight in The Stigma Dreamscape, including their attacks, mechanics, and how to beat them.

How To Unlock The Stigma Dreamscape

The Stigma Dreamscape is an optional dungeon that is unlocked through the following sidequest.

  • Accept the quest 'Where No Loporrit Has Gone Before'
    • NPC Location: Jammingway – Old Sharlayan (x:11.0, y:13.8)

    After accepting this quest, head to Ultima Thule and speak with Jammingway there. Continue following the quest and you will unlock The Stigma Dreamscape for exploration.

    Dungeon Walkthrough

    As you make your way through this dungeon, you will encounter trash mobs that will use AoE attacks; avoid these as you group up the enemies and AoE them down. Some of these enemies, like the Hybrid Dragon, will make an appearance later in the dungeon.

    As always, keep an eye out for treasure coffers. You can obtain iLvl. 560 accessories from this dungeon, as well as levels IX and X Materia.


    The first boss of The Stigma Dreamscape is Proto-Omega. This boss will force you to dodge a series of missiles and cannons as you move around the arena. Additionally, the edge of the arena will deal damage and inflict Bleeding on players who touch it. Listed below are each of Proto-Omega's attacks and mechanics.

    • Side Cannons: Proto-Omega will begin charging an attack to its left or right, indicated by a series of arrows. Move to the other side of the boss to avoid.
    • Rear Interceptors: Deals damage to Proto-Omega's rear. Unlike Side Cannons, this attack does not show arrows on the boss indicating the attack's direction. Move in front of the boss to avoid this attack.
    • Chemical Missile: Marks all players with an AoE marker. After a short delay, the markers will drop a lava puddle on the players' position that deals damage over time. Spread out to avoid overlapping these puddles in preparation for the boss's next attack.
    • Electric Slide: Targets a random player and places a stack and proximity knockback marker on them. All party members should group up on the affected player and prepare to be knocked back from them. Position yourself so that you won't be knocked into the edge of the arena or the lava puddles from Chemical Missile.
    • Guided Missile: Two players will be targeted by a missile that follows them around the arena. If any player touches the missile, it will explode, dealing damage and dropping a lava puddle. The affected players should move the missiles away from the rest of the party while avoiding coming into contact with them.
    • Mustard Bomb: Deals high damage to the Tank. Use defensive cooldowns and heal as necessary.

    Proto-Omega will repeat these attacks until it is defeated. Watch for the lava puddles that will quickly cover the arena, and stay mobile.


    The second boss of The Stigma Dreamscape is Arch-Lambda. This wheeled beast will dash around the arena and barrage your party with cannons. Listed below are each of Arch-Lambda's attacks and mechanics.

    • Wheel: Deals high damage to the Tank. Use defensive cooldowns as necessary.
    • Atomic Flame: Deals damage to all party members.
    • Auto-mobile Assault Cannon: Arch-Lambda will move to the center of the arena before preparing to dash four times. Each direction the boss dashes in will be indicated by a red line AoE marker that briefly appears. Watch where the final line that appears leads to, and quickly move to that spot in preparation for the next attack, Wave Cannon.
    • Wave Cannon: The boss will turn and face the center of the arena before using an AoE attack that covers the arena to its front. This attack occurs immediately after the boss finishes dashing from Auto-mobile Assault Cannon. Move behind the boss to avoid being hit with this attack.
    • Auto-mobile Sniper Cannon: The boss will move to the north edge of the arena and begin charging a line AoE down the center of the arena. Additionally, four numbered orbs will appear along the path of the line AoE, and each player will also be granted a number. As the boss charges down the line, AoEs will shoot out from the numbered orbs, targeting the corresponding player. Move in front of your corresponding numbered orb to avoid overlapping these additional AoEs, and move away from the center of the arena.

    After using Auto-mobile Sniper Cannon, the boss will begin to repeat these attacks until it is defeated. The main thing to watch out for during this fight is Auto-mobile Assault Cannon; watch where the boss will end up and move accordingly.


    The final boss of The Stigma Dreamscape is Stigma-4. This boss will summon enemies you've encountered throughout the dungeon, and will use attacks based on its appearance, so watch carefully. Listed below are each of Stigma-4's attacks and mechanics.

    • AI Takeover: This is the boss's main mechanic, and will spawn one of three adds near the edges of the arena.
      • Omega Frame: This enemy will use Proto-wave Cannon, dealing damage to its left or right, similar to the first boss's Side Cannons attack. Move to the other side of Omega Frame to avoid. After a few moments, this enemy will begin long-casting Self-Destruct, which will blow itself up and deal massive damage to all party members. Kill the enemy before that happens.
      • Hybrid Dragon: This enemy will use Firebreath, covering the arena in a wide conal AoE from the front of the Hybrid Dragon. Move behind the enemy to avoid this attack. Similar to Omega Frame, this enemy will cast Self-Destruct after a while. Defeat it before Self-Destruct finishes casting.
      • Proto-Rocket Punch: Summons six untargetable fists on one edge of the arena. After a short delay, they will charge to the other side of the arena, dealing high damage. Move to a gap between the fists to avoid this attack.