Fight Chickens In This PUBG April Fool’s Arcade Game

It seems like every developer on the planet is doing something nifty for April Fool’s Day, and the PUBG Corporation is no different. Jump into the battle royale today and you’ll find a new arcade game waiting for you – one that tasks you with repelling hordes of gun-toting chickens.

The so-called POBG – Playeromnomnom’s Battlegrounds – arcade cabinet is available through PUBG’s main menu. The mini-game plays out from a top-down perspective and sees you looting powerful guns and upgrades before shooting down wave after wave of angry chickens.

POBG is pretty elaborate for an April Fool’s joke, with multiple levels, several different guns and unlockables, and a surprisingly beautiful pixel art style.

PUBG said the mini-game was inspired by artist Alexey “Gas13” Garkushin, who last year posted their own pixelized version of the Karakin map to Twitter.

The arcade game is sticking around on PC until April 12, so you’ve got plenty of time to dive into the chicken shooting action before it disappears for good. Console users will have to wait a few days, as POBG will be available between April 8 and April 18.

If you’re curious about the enemies you’ll go up against in POBG, here’s a sneak peek at a few of the deadly birds blocking your path to victory:

  • Knife Chicken
  • Ghillie Suit Chicken
  • Shield Chicken
  • Flamin’ Hot Chicken Wheels

PUBG recently saw the launch of Season 11, giving you a new map and ranking system to work through. As is standard operating procedure, the update went live on PC first, with consoles to follow on April 8.

Meanwhile, PUBG Mobile continues to be an absolute cash cow, pulling in over $5 billion in lifetime revenue. Last year was big for the mobile spinoff, as it averaged at least $7.4 million per day throughout 2020. Those are some impressive numbers – regardless of platform.

POBG is now available on PC and will come to consoles on April 8.

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