Fan-Made GTA 5 Remake Is More Than Just A Texture Pack

Grand Theft Auto 5 is the gift that keeps on giving for Rockstar, as for an almost eight-year-old open world game to continue to top Twitch viewership is truly something special. There’s no doubt, however, that fan-made mods are a large part of what’s kept GTA 5 alive and thriving for so long, but what about a fan-made remaster?

The creative sandbox that is GTA 5 has always been strengthened by the countless amount of tweaks made available by a modding community that takes GTA 5 to new heights, something that’s fully displayed in the game’s online mode, which still continues to get updates like Cayo Perico up to this day. So with such a prolific ecosystem, it’s no wonder some modders are willing to go the extra mile to painstakingly bring GTA 5 to the next level in terms of eye candy, at last until GTA 6 comes out.

3D graphics designer Nb.Design, who describes himself as a huge GTA 5 and Rockstar Games fan, decided to work his talent into his favorite game by turning things up to eleven and go where no modders had ever gone before. Instead of just a typical fan-made mod, Nb.Design’s objective is to fully remake GTA 5 in a way that boosts the game’s visual quality to what graphics are capable of today, rather than it be capped bit its potential from almost a decade ago. The result is simply stunning and completely worth staring at, especially in 4K.

From the looks of it, one can only imagine the numbers of hours that Nb.Design has put into this GTA 5 Remake, especially when adding up the infinite assets, files and everything else that populates the vast open world of Los Santos, with the creator himself calling it “not just a graphics mod, it’s more than that.” Nb.Design’s work can be supported via Patreon with $2, $10 and $20 tiers all offering several perks, the highest being personal mods getting worked into the game for his patreons.

With over 140 millions copies sold, Take-Two and Rockstar still continue to make GTA 5 more accessible than it’s ever been as GTA Online will now be released as a cheaper standalone title. Considering die-hard fans are willing to improve GTA Online’s loading times with just a little work, there’s plenty of Grand Theft Auto 5 to go around for a while.

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