Famitsu Poll Reveals Animal Crossing’s Most Popular Villagers

You’ve no doubt got a favorite villager for your Animal Crossing island: the one you’re overjoyed to see moving in to be your next-door neighbor, the one that you tear up at when they decide that enough is enough and they want a change of scenery. Famitsu asked its readers just who that was.

  • Dom (652 votes)
  • Marshal (480 votes)
  • Raymond (440) votes
  • Fang (236 votes)
  • Judy (228 votes)
  • Stitches (220) votes
  • Flurry (196 votes)
  • Lolly (188 votes)
  • Beau (176 votes)
  • Lobo (164 votes)

The range of personalities is fairly diverse with the jock Dom at the top spot, followed by Marshal who is a smug type. Then you’ve got your couch potatoes like Stitches and Beau who are both lazy types, while Lobo and Fang – the two wolves – are cranky. Maybe don’t hit them with a net too much, if at all.

Other inquiries were put forward that varied from favorite furniture to what players’ most beloved season is. That was naturally Halloween, while the Ironwood furniture range stormed ahead with 879 votes. But Famitsu also asked what got people into the game, when they did, and how often they play.

For most, they’d already played an Animal Crossing before at some point and got into New Horizons when the game launched. The majority also play for around 1-3 hours a day. As for who the pool of voters is: 86% of the participants were men, while nearly 40% were in their twenties. 4,000 different people participated in total.

If you’re lucky enough to get any of these top ten villagers on your island, you’ll no doubt be the envy of everyone, so be sure to treat ’em right. Or trap them in a fenced square. It’s your island.

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