Fallout 76 Players Aren’t Impressed With Legendary Crafting

Fallout 76 has introduced legendary weapon crafting in its public test server for the upcoming Steel Reign update, and fans are less than impressed with the feature.

Legendary weapon crafting is coming as part of July’s Steel Reign update, but some of its features can currently be accessed by players through the public test server. The feature allows players to use their workbenches alongside Legendary Cores to give their items Legendary Upgrades. Doing this will turn an item into a Legendary item of up to 3-star rarity, increase or decrease the star rating of a legendary item or even change its attributes.

Although the intention is clear in allowing players a bit more control over their legendary items and letting players upgrade weapons they like, the current implementation is being slammed by the Fallout 76 community.

Heading over to the game’s Reddit page shows that the community is almost completely in agreement that the current system isn’t great. The main issues come from how difficult and time-consuming it is to grind legendary cores, combined with the fact that players don’t want to have their weapon stats randomly rerolled at such a high price. The price is another big issue too, with 200 scrip needed to craft a 3-star weapon. That’s a lot to put on a randomiser.

It’s that random element that’s really getting players down. The community has wanted a way to control their legendary items for some time, but it seems like it’s currently more trouble to craft a good legendary weapon than it is to just find a new one.

Bethesda hasn’t commented on the issues with Legendary Crafting, but it’s important to remember that this comes from the public test server, so it’s likely that things will change before Steel Reign’s update comes out. Even if it wasn’t a public test server, Fallout 76’s nature as a live-service game means that it will likely change with enough community pushing.

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