Fallout 76 ‘One Wasteland’ Will Let You Play Anywhere With Anyone

Fallout 76’s journey so far has been pretty rocky. From numerous fiascos surrounding pre-order bonuses to game-breaking exploits and growing fan discontent, Fallout 76 has drawn the ire of many long-time fans of the series.

Despite these setbacks, Bethesda has refused to give up on Fallout — just yesterday a brand new range of Fallout miniatures was unveiled. The studio has continuously made efforts to support the game, and while some of the resulting updates have stepped on some toes, it finally seems as if Fallout 76 is in a far better place than it was at launch.

This new momentum will either be accelerated or ceased in its tracks when Fallout 76 enters the second phase of its 2020 DLC road map later today, at which point the One Wasteland expansion is scheduled to drop for players all over the world.

Fallout 76 One Wasteland For All

The official Fallout Twitter account recently published a short teaser showcasing gameplay of the upcoming patch, which arrives today, September 15.

One Wasteland For All, as its name suggests, aims to make the Fallout 76 experience more welcoming to new players and veterans alike. The patch will cause enemies to dynamically scale with player levels, meaning that when a level 200 character and a level 5 character in the same group team up to take on an enemy, the difficulty will be identical for both players. On one hand, this means that lower level players can contribute to high-level missions in order to earn some rare loot. On the other, it serves as an excellent excuse for veteran players to introduce their mates to lots of Fallout 76 Easter eggs.

While enemy balancing is a welcome change, the new patch will also tweak existing events and quests. On top of that, it appears that certain weapons might be nerfed in order to accommodate for the new dynamic level-scaling. The One Wasteland For All patch serves as a pretty comprehensive overhaul of a variety of current systems in the game.

Fallout 76 still has a ways to go, but the new patch seems promising so far. Here’s hoping that it soon becomes what fans dreamed of back when they saw that first teaser trailer all those years ago,

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