Fallout 4: The 10 Best Luck Perks, Ranked

Luck is a very useful special stat in Fallout 4 because it contains powerful perks that revolve around finding more items in containers and dealing more damage with critical hits. Critical hit builds are one of the strongest player styles in Fallout 4 because of how much damage can be dealt in a short time while using VATS.

There are tons of different perks that you can unlock with the luck special stat, and this skill tree is much more diverse than stats such as strength and perception. These are the most powerful luck perks that can be unlocked, and which of their effects are the most useful.

10 Fortune Finder

The Fortune Finder perk is incredibly useful for every type of build in Fallout 4 because it grants extra caps to the player when they find caps in any location throughout the Commonwealth.

For example, if you happen to loot a dead human or mutant and they have a certain amount of caps on them, then you will instead find more caps than you otherwise would have. Although this perk may not seem like much at first, the extra amount of caps that you are granted throughout your playthrough adds up over time.

9 Idiot Savant

With the Idiot Savant perk, you will randomly be granted 3 times the amount of XP for any task in the game. If you complete a quest and it gives you a certain amount of XP, then you have a chance to receive 3 times the regular amount of XP upon completion of the quest.

This perk can be used to your advantage by saving just before you complete a quest and reloading over and over again until you are granted extra XP. Using this method, a player can easily become a high level early in a playthrough of Fallout 4, which is very helpful during the beginning stages of the game.

8 Grim Reaper’s Sprint

Although the Grim Reaper’s Sprint perk isn’t the most useful luck perk in Fallout 4, it is still worthwhile for any build that utilizes VATS.

This perk grants a chance to fully restore all action points upon killing an enemy in VATS, which is helpful for a build that needs a lot of action points to function. Specifically, the Grim Reaper’s Sprint perk is most useful for a luck build.

7 Bloody Mess

The Bloody Mess perk is an interesting case because it grants a damage bonus towards all enemies with every weapon type, regardless of if they are vanilla or modded weapons. A perk that is this well balanced for every type of build isn’t common in Fallout 4, especially considering that this is a perk based around combat.

Every player should take the Bloody Mess perk if they can’t decide what perk to unlock next since it is useful regardless of what type of weapon you are using. The Bloody Mess perk also grants a chance for an enemy to explode when they are killed.

6 Mysterious Stranger

Most fans of the modern Fallout games are already aware of the Mysterious Stranger perk since it is in Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, and Fallout 4. This perk grants a chance for the Mysterious Stranger to appear during combat while using VATS.

The Mysterious Stranger has an incredibly powerful revolver and can one-shot most enemies in Fallout 4. The Mysterious Stranger perk is useful for critical hit builds but also for players that only use VATS occasionally.

5 Scrounger

Similar to the Fortune Finder perk, the Scrounger perk gives the player a chance to find extra ammo wherever ammo is usually obtained. If you find ammo in a crate or chest, then you will now find extra ammo in this location.

The Scrounger perk is arguably better than the Fortune Finder perk since ammo is essential in Fallout 4 and also because you can sell ammo to vendors if it’s not being used. Overall, every type of player can benefit from unlocking the Scrounger perk, regardless of what type of weapon they’re using.

4 Ricochet

The Ricochet perk adds a chance for any bullet that hits you to bounce back to the enemy, killing them instantly. Although this effect is rare, it is incredibly useful when it happens in combat, especially when you happen to be low on health.

The Ricochet perk is useful for any player that regularly enters into combat in Fallout 4, and if you happen to use a weapon that is automatic, then you will have a higher chance of the effect activating since you will be shooting many bullets out very quickly.

3 Four Leaf Clover

The Four Leaf Clover perk has a chance to immediately fill your critical meter when you use VATS. Although the chance for this perk to activate is initially small, once you unlock the fourth tier of this perk, your critical meter will rarely ever be empty.

Critical hit builds benefit greatly from the Four Leaf Clover perk, which is one of the reasons why it is one of the strongest luck perks in Fallout 4, and it should be unlocked by any player that uses VATS regularly.

2 Better Criticals

The Better Criticals perk is basic because its only effect is increasing your critical hit damage by a certain amount per stage. However, this perk is vital for a critical hit build, and it is one of the most powerful luck perks that can be unlocked in the perk chart.

Once you reach the final stage of this perk, your critical hits will be worth 2.5 times as much damage as the starting amount. Although this may not sound like a large damage multiplier, critical hits already deal much more damage than the average hit, which is what makes this multiplier so powerful.

1 Critical Banker

Critical Banker allows you to bank the critical hits that you aren’t using so that you can use them later. This means that you can fire off multiple critical hits at the same enemy.

You can stock up on a total of four critical hits at one time, which can then be used at any time in VATS. Being able to fire 4 critical hits consecutively is a very powerful ability, and it is even stronger if you have other luck perks unlocked, such as the Better Criticals perk.

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