Fallout 4: Making The Best Sniper Build

There’s nothing quite like hitting a headshot in Fallout 4. The full Sniper build is super satisfying but might require a bit of flexibility for fighting close-quarters in the many ruined tunnels and buildings dotted around the wasteland.

Because the sniper build is quite versatile, this guide is designed to give you an overlook of which perks, stats, and weapons are most useful, but at the end of the day Fallout 4 is an RPG, and the tools are yours to choose what to do with.

Best Special Stats For A Sniper Build

Like any other build in Fallout 4, there are a few ways to play. Ultimately, though, there are a couple of special stats that you should prioritize as a long-range damage dealer. Here’s a closer look at what you should pick up first.


Whether you’re going full stealth sniper mode or not, agility is still an important stat-line for a sneaky damage dealer. It’s no use having a sniper rifle if your enemies instantly spot you and charge over to snap your spine. Whether you opt to use VATS for your shots or want to take your shots manually, Agility is still crucial to dealing damage and staying alive while you’re at it. You should start off with around 8 Agility as a baseline.


Perception is an interesting one in a sniper build. It all comes down to whether you are relying on VATS or taking your shots manually. Perception boosts base accuracy in VATS, so if you’re not using it this special stat doesn’t make much sense. That being said, you’ll want at least some perception regardless of which path you take, as the tree unlocks the all-important Rifleman perk. More on that in a second.


You don’t necessarily need this much in the very early game, but by the time you’re coming up against more powerful enemies the added sneak critical damage with your sniper rifle becomes very important. It also balances well with a smaller sidearm weapon for close-range combat, which will be required at some point. You can’t stay in your sniper tower all game.

Side note:

One of the side-effects of choosing a sniper build is that the perk progression leaves a lot of room for other stat lines. There are huge gaps between the Rifleman perk, for example, which means you can take a more balanced approach to other stats.

  • Intelligence is pretty useful for the Science perk, especially if you’ve fallen in love with a sniper and want to keep upgrading it.
  • Charisma is mostly reliant on how you’re playing the rest of the game, and whether or not you’re using companions and Fallout 4’s Settlement mechanics.
  • Endurance, eventually Endurance becomes important in any Fallout 4 build, you just can’t go wrong with extra health.
  • Strength, take it when you need it, that’s the general advice, especially if you like filling your pockets with all the random detritus littered around the Wasteland.

Best Perks For A Sniper Build

The Sniper build has a lot of fun perks to experiment with, and a couple that are absolute staples of any successful build. Here’s the rundown.

Rifleman Perk, Available at Perception 2

This is just a no-brainer. It’s available at a very low perception level so even those players who want to go for a manual build can pick it up. At its base level, the Rifleman perk increases non-automatic rifle damage by 20 percent. By the time you reach level 46, it deals double damage, ignores 30 percent of armor, and has a high chance of crippling an opponent. A must-have for a sniper.

Ninja and Sneak

These two go hand-in-hand and are usually what most players pick up on a sniper build, even if their end-game goal isn’t to go for a complete stealth build. Both these perks increase sneak damage and add in some extra benefits, like being able to crawl around in the dark and stay evasive for longer. Long-range damage with a crit boost always feels awesome with a sniper.

Sniper Perk, Available at Perception 9

This is another interesting perk because of the choice between VATS and manual sniping. For VATS sniping, the Sniper perk is very useful for controlling your shot and getting an overall accuracy boost for those headshots. Even for those who choose a more manual approach, because of its relatively low perception cost, it can be worth picking up for its boost to the time you can hold your shot steady.

Penetrator Perk, Available at Perception 9

This is a fun perk, even if it doesn’t always work the way you think it might. It basically lets your shots penetrate through cover and even bits of your enemy’s bodies. This is a Bethesda game, though, and the shots sometimes don’t register properly through simple cover like fences or lampposts. That being said, still worth picking up for a sniper build.

Other perks that can make an appearance in a sniper build

While the perks above are considered pretty much fundamental to a sniper build, there is a lot of room for experimentation when it comes to this versatile loadout. Here are a few ideas:

  • Concentrated Fire, available at Perception 10. This allows you to carry out lots of shots quickly, ideal if you need to take down a powerful enemy from a range before it starts coming after you.
  • Gun Nut is a good perk to pick up if you want to start modding and upgrading your gun. It can be ignored if you think you’re going to be switching it up a lot.
  • Critical Banker (and the other luck perks, like Better Criticals) are just good all-around perks. More crit damage is never something to ignore.

Best Weapons For A Sniper Build

This is a bit self-explanatory: snipers are the best guns for a sniper build. But which one do you choose? Are there any that are worth keeping around to upgrade later on? Here are a few ideas.

  • Modded Pipe Gun, or just about any other modded gun. This can fill in for a sniper until you get to the more powerful weapons later in the game.
  • The Last Minute. This is one of the best snipers in the game with the ability to pull off some impressive one-hit kills, even on end-game baddies.
  • Gauss Rifle. This is widely considered to the best sniper in the game, this gun has impressive stats and works very well with some of the perks at the top of this guide.

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