Fall Guys’ Season 3.5 Update Drops Tomorrow

Fall Guys has confirmed the launch date of its sizable mid-season update, and you don’t have long to wait.

Believe it or not, Fall Guys is already three. That’s three seasons, not three years, and we are about to hit the halfway mark of that third season. Fall Guys confirmed today on Twitter that its season 3.5 update will go live tomorrow (February 2, 2021). Fall Guys’ mid-season updates often bring a few changes, but 3.5 might well be the biggest to date.

The yet-to-be-named update – Fall Guys has left that up to the game’s community – promises a lot of changes. While the game’s devs have been backward in coming forward in regard to specifics, it has divulged that there will be a brand new level, more than 40 tweaks to the game’s current levels and crossover costumes will return to the in-game store, including Sonic and Godzilla.

Big changes are exactly what Fall Guys needs to try and claw back some of the momentum it generated at launch. That and a shift onto other platforms. Game Pass claimed the popular battle royale game would be coming to Xbox, only for Fall Guys developer Mediatonic to outright dispute that claim. There is still no official word when Fall Guys will branch out onto other platforms, but it is almost guaranteed to happen at some point.

The hype surrounding Fall Guys was huge when it first launched in August of last year. It became the most downloaded PS Plus game in history. Even though that hype has dissipated, it’s probably safe to assume the game isn’t in any sort of trouble. The initial reaction to its release was way higher than expected, hence the issue with the Fall Guys servers on day one.

Even though the numbers Mediatonic is seeing now are a steep drop off compared to the player base Fall Guys had for its first month, there will be no reason to be alarmed. That doesn’t mean it can sit back and watch as more people continue to leave the game. Fall Guys can get stale fast, so big changes on a regular basis are a must. Judging by what we know about tomorrow’s update, that hasn’t been lost on Mediatonic.

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