Facebook Gaming won’t be part of the Xbox dashboard like Mixer says Microsoft

Xbox fans worried that Facebook is going to be forced upon them have been assured that integration won’t work like Mixer.

Microsoft shutting down Mixer has come as a shock to everyone, including apparently Mixer employees, with many concerned that their subsequent team-up with Facebook will create unwanted privacy issues.

But Microsoft’s Major Nelson has tried to assure fans that Facebook Gaming will not be replacing the current Mixer tab on the Xbox dashboard and will not be as tightly integrated into the whole Xbox experience.

Major Nelson was responding to a question from a fan, which in return was a response to an earlier tweet from Xbox boss Phil Spencer, that said Xbox gamers would still be able to stream using whatever service they wanted.

One of the big questions at the moment is how long all this has been brewing, as while the announcement seems very rushed it surely wasn’t a quick process to make a deal between two such huge companies.

We may find out more during Microsoft’s big Xbox reveal event next month, but for now the biggest impact has been on Ninja’s bank account, with Microsoft forced to buy out the streamer’s contract for a reported $60 million.

But if, in the end, Microsoft can get people playing Xbox games instantly, via streaming, just by clicking on an Instagram or Facebook post then, from their point of view, it will all have been worth it.

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