F2P Shooter Mortal Blitz: Combat Arena to Support HTC Vive & Oculus Rift

A few days ago Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida revealed during Japanese indie event BitSummit Gaiden 2020 that free-to-play shooter Mortal Blitz: Combat Arena would be coming to PlayStation VR. Developer Skonec Entertainment has confirmed to VRFocus that the online title will also support HTC Vive and Oculus.

While the PlayStation VR version will see a beta launch in August followed by an official release in September, the PC VR edition doesn’t have a date at the moment. Skonec Entertainment said that a date hadn’t been decided upon but it will be after the PlayStation VR version, so no multiplatform launch.

Another aspect that was unclear was whether Mortal Blitz: Combat Arena would see a global release. That will be the case, so initially, PlayStation VR players around the world will be able to enjoy the competitive free title.

Continuing the franchise which first began as an arcade shooter a few years ago, Mortal Blitz: Combat Arena will offer both single-player and multiplayer gameplay modes. Solo, you’ll be tasked with completing a 15+ mission campaign across normal, hard and expert difficulty levels.

The core multiplayer mode will feature Quick Match (2-4 players), Ranked Match and Event Match options. The end of each match will then provide players with their stats, rankings, achievements and titles earnt.

Matches take place in arenas filled with hexagonal platforms with light barriers activated once stepped on. While these do offer some protection, with enough firepower opponents can blast through, encouraging players to keep moving for dynamic, action-packed battles. The system also means only teleportation is used, so Mortal Blitz: Combat Arena should be comfortable for most players.

Players will be able to customise their characters and loadouts, from the colour of their armour to weapons including a machine gun, minigun, rocket launcher, shotgun and railgun.

As further details regarding the beta launch of Mortal Blitz: Combat Arena for PlayStation VR next month are released, VRFocus will let you know.

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