EVO 2022 Player Uses Cardboard Box To Prevent Opponent Seeing His Moves

We've always found creative ways to make sure that our friends couldn't look into our screens during multiplayer games. Whether it was strategically choosing a spot for your system during LAN parties, or angling the screen away from others and craning your neck in the process, we made sure our opponents had no added advantage. Even today, controllers are hidden from view if a game of FIFA goes into penalties.

But if that's what regular players like us do, the pros must have some fancy techniques to ensure their opponents can't see what they're doing. It turns out they're just like us, actually – using home-brew techniques, as demonstrated by these images from EVO 2022. The image, posted to Reddit by kaworuscott, shows a participant of the fighting game event using a rather crude device.

The unnamed participant used a custom designed cardboard box – an Amazon one, no less – to create a sort of cover, so that his opponents couldn't see what they were going to do next in what appears to be a Street Fighter 5 match. It's not the most intricate way to hide your moves, but it's effective.

Of course, the comments section was filled with people jesting about it like it was an actual gaming peripheral. One of them even wrote a mock press release for the box, calling it the Razer Stronghold.

"Maintain that competitive edge inside your own Razer Stronghold. Stronghold keeps your movements and key combos safe from prying eyes and those video replays," said FrozenCrackers. "Keep those game winning secrets a mystery in style, with our signature Razer RGB, Quartz, or the brand new Stronghold Silver (also available with RGB)." They also clarified that the product had been tested and verified for professional esports use.

The only downside, however, is that it's not yet available in black, with full RGB lighting.

Other than some great product demonstrations, we also got a bunch of announcements, including Arc System Works finally introducing rollback netcode to Dragon Ball FighterZ. The community has been asking for the feature for a while now, and the excitement was shared by all, including EVO DBFZ legends, SonicFox and GO1.

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