Evil Dead: The Game – All Demon Units, Ranked

In Evil Dead: The Game, the forces of evil have plenty of ways to slow down and eventually kill the four Survivors – be it traps, demonic possession, and their most potent weapon, hordes of demons and monsters.

Evil units have plenty of variation within their own armies – never mind the differences between factions, lead by boss units Henrietta, Evil Ash and Eligos. These differences call to question which of these terrors are better than the others. Here are all the demon units, ranked, to help you rip your mortal opponents to shreds.

10 Deadite Berserker

These volatile punk rockers are some of the more stylish units employed by the Kandarian Demon, but unfortunately, looking cool isn’t the name of the game. As far as usefulness goes, the Berserkers fall behind their kin.

While they’re capable foot-soldiers, their unique ability to self-destruct is just not useful enough, given the cost of summoning them to begin with – especially since most Survivors can just dodge the explosion. Tearing off their heads and turning them into a grenades causes a lot of damage, but it's still a gamble

9 Deadite Elite

Bigger is better, you might think. While these beefy lumberjacks can indeed bring the pain, the meta means that they are an inefficient pick. The prevailing Demon tactic is to find Survivors early and harass them into rushing their objectives, instead of fighting. This means that their high cost and low spawn count make them unfavorable to buy. The fact that they’re kinda slow is also a big minus, especially against Hunters who excel at keeping their distance.

They do have some cool things going for them, like when they do land a hit, it hurts. If you’re lucky, they can also spawn with an axe to really bring the pain.

8 Skeleton Elite

The Necromancer’s Skeleton Elite suffers from the same issues as the Deadite Elite, namely being slow and expensive. But they're also just a little bit faster. They don’t deal nearly as much damage, but their varied skill set – attacking at range and an area of effect attack – makes up the difference with more flexibility in combat. The shields are a nice, if temporary defensive boost as well.

However, what puts them well ahead of their fleshy brethren is that they can be affected by the Bone Rage skill, which is the only way to get units not in your possession to attack more often.

7 Deadite

The footsoldiers of the Warlord’s army and iconic antagonists of the Evil Dead series, the Deadites are proof that just because you’re basic, doesn’t mean you’re useless. They have below average defense and damage, but their decent speed and their deceptively flexible kit means they're not to be underestimated.

For starters, they can spawn in with an axe, giving them a significant boost in damage – and even if they don’t, they can use the hilariously-named “Farewell To Arms” ability to rip off their own appendages and beat you to death with them. But their most terrifying – and disgusting – ability is to projectile vomit.

6 Skeleton

Choosing between Deadites and Skeletons is a bit of a toss-up, since a lot of the positives are shared between the two. Skeletons have the same speed, but have more defensive stats. Their skills are more damage-focused than the utilitarian abilities of the Deadites, giving them a damaging AoE knockback and a long-range charge.

Ultimately, what puts the Skeleton ahead is that when it’s not possessed, it will attack more often than its Warlord counterpart if you choose to pick up the Bone Rage perk.

5 Skeleton Flautist

The Skeleton Flautist is a noncombatant that spends its whole "life" playing a jaunty tune, doing no damage, before being smashed to pieces by Survivors. So what is it doing this high up in the rankings?

Having one in play turns your army into a bunch a murder machines, giving them a significant offensive boost and a decent defensive one as well. At least, Survivors will put themselves out of position to hunt them down.

4 Demi-Eligos

These guys are a pain in the ass for Survivors to deal with and a joy to control. They can clone themselves on a relatively short cooldown and rain lightning down on their enemies, both of which can be buffed early on in the Puppeteer's skill tree. Though the lightning is surprisingly easy to dodge, having enough Demi-Eligoses around means that, with proper timing and a little luck, you can get back-to-back strikes which are much harder to dodge. Add to that, the fact that they’re resistant to firearms, and you have yourself a potentially lethal pest.

But the thing that puts them ahead of the other Elites? They’re not slow, so they’re also a good (if slightly expensive way) to harass Survivors on the go.

3 Eligos

The folks at Saber Interactive did a good job of making each boss unique, but of the same power level. So, when ranking these powerhouses, it comes down to reliability and how most Survivors choose to play.

Unfortunately, this puts Eligos lower down than the other two because, as powerful as he is, he’ll likely go down the quickest of all them. His abilities are useful, especially his AoE stun, but their cooldowns are just a little too long.

His normal attacks, while intimidating, sometimes fall flat, which gives Survivors plenty of openings to take advantage of his relatively weak defenses. This is mitigated by his ability to turn invisible while moving, but that means that you’re stuck waiting for your cooldowns to finish, which isn’t super fun.

2 Henrietta

Henrietta is a formidable opponent whose diverse kit, strong stats, and terrible stench allow her to control the flow of combat – worthy of the title Warlord.

Her high defense, combined with her punishing offense, means that fighting her will always hurt, especially if you apply Bad Influence. Tactical use of Gas Leak and Granny Hug – the hardest grab to break in the game, means that once someone is in your zone of control, they’re gonna have a hard time getting out. Anyone but the most hardy Warriors will likely take a beating if they try to match her at closer range.

Henrietta’s only weak point is her low speed, which means that she’s not good at chasing and harassing Survivors. This is fine, because the best time to deploy her is when Survivors have to stay and fight anyways.

1 Evil Ash

Evil Ash is a skilled fighter who can dodge like a Survivor which, combined with his robust stat-line and ability to grab, means that he’s quite hard to kill.

Though he’s only just shy of Henrietta’s raw power and durability, he comes out ahead because of his abilities. Living up to his sobriquet as The Necromancer, he can summon and revive skeletons. Combined with a well-placed Flautist, he can end up leading an unstoppable, undying skeleton army against the Survivors. Hail to the King, baby.

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