EVE Online Is Having A Doctor Who Crossover Event For Some Reason

At first blush, EVE Online doesn’t seem like the game that would be suitable for a Doctor Who crossover. No Man’s Sky, Ark: Survival Evolved, or even The Outer Wilds all would be more appropriate than EVE, but it’s winter of 2022 and we’ll take what we can get to get us through these dark days.

Called the "Interstellar Convergence" event, the event will run from January 13 to February 1. Players will enter a strange wormhole-like phenomenon and be taken to a brand new area of space where there are several burnt-out wrecks and one very familiar sauce-style spaceship.

"The Interstellar Convergence will be unlike any other EVE event before it, introducing a beguiling mystery, a trail of clues, multiple challenges, themed items, and even a vibrant new area of space," writes CCP Games on EVE's news blog. From there, we can gather that players will fly through this new area of space to track down Doctor Who artifacts and fight Daleks.

CCP promises Interstellar Convergence will be "one of the most distinct, engrossing events ever to take place in EVE Online." Both new players and returning veterans will have plenty to do, so if you're more of a Doctor Who fan and just feel like engaging with your favorite franchise, then you'll be able to dive into these wormholes as soon as you finish EVE's tutorial.

There's also going to be a login campaign where players are awarded skill points and Doctor Who-themed items just for logging in every day.

More details will be coming soon on EVE's social pages and official website, so stay tuned.

In other crossover news, No Man’s Sky will host its Dune-themed Expedition reprisal starting Thursday where players will have a chance to ride a giant sandworm and harvest strange space spice. It won’t cause hallucinations, sadly, but you can sell it for a lot of credits.

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