EPOS Video Event Will Show "The Power Of Audio In Gaming"

The way we hear our games isn’t something we often think about. As long as our headset is easy to set up, fits comfortably, and can block out the distractions of the outside world, it’s enough. But there’s a lot of science behind what makes for good gaming audio, and research that goes into providing a good fit without sacrificing sound quality. Top gaming audio brand EPOS is pulling back the curtain to share how it all works, and what advances can be made in the future.

EPOS makes gaming headsets for both consumer and esports organizations. It’s earned some big partnerships for the latter, but doesn’t sacrifice quality for the former. Its GSP 601 earned a good review here at TheGamer, and the wireless GSP 370 remains a personal mainstay. Now, EPOS looks to share its knowledge with a wider audience and invite industry figures along for the ride. It will do this through a virtual event called “The Power of Audio in Gaming” on January 27.

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The event will be free to watch, and you can sign up on the EPOS site. There will be two sessions: one at at 1am PST and one at 10am PST. During the presentation, viewers will learn about how the brain processes sound, what that means for gaming audio, and what the future holds… at least as far as EPOS sees it. French, German and Japanese interpretations will be provided.

The event breakdown, with a bit more description, is as follows:

If audio is a passion of yours, the event will definitely be worth checking. It might even be cool to watch as a consumer, provided you have an interest in the science behind audio. It might not be something that gets talked about a lot, but the future of gaming audio is sure to be important as VR and next-gen technologies take center stage.

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