Electrifying Shinx, Luxio, And Luxray Fila Jackets And Merch On Sale Now

How do you make sure everyone you pass on the street knows you're both stylish and a Pokemon fan? Merch, of course. The Pokemon Center has teamed up with the designers at Fila to bring some adorable and cool Shinx, Luxio, and Luxray products to life.

There's a Shinx t-shirt, in a light Shinx-blue – you know the shade of blue we mean – a Luxio hoodie in blue and grey, and a Luxray windbreaker jacket. They all sport a Fila logo with some striking yellow in there to really catch people's eye. Just be careful not to touch any live wires when you've got so much drip.

You're obviously going to need some accessories to go with those, and Fila's got you covered. You can also get a small purse-like pouch, a smartphone cover, a sakosh with an adorable Shinx on it. If you want to just spruce up your shelves or toy collection a bit there are also sitting and standing plushes you can get of each Pokemon in the evolutionary line.

These items will be going online Thursday 6, 10am. The website doesn't say 10am in what timezone, but as it's a Japanese website it would be safe to assume that's 10am JST, 1am GMT, 8pm today EST, 3pm today PST.

Unfortunately, the Pokemon Center Online doesn't ship items outside of Japan, but there are services you can use that will reship products to you, so hope isn't lost.

While fans will probably love this Fila collaboration, it seems many aren't as pleased with the new Pokemon Go Community day, revolving around Bulbasaur. Sure, we all love the little frog, but hasn't it had enough time in the limelight? An Onix as the latest research reward also feels a bit like a kick in the teeth.

You don't need designer brands to get cool Pokemon gear, though. Just look to what fans are making. One person made this hand carved wooden Kyogre – wouldn't have been able to do that without the tress that grow on land, so maybe chill out a bit Team Aqua.

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