Elden Ring’s Gibberish Songs Reportedly Inspired By Miyazaki’s Childhood

It has already been confirmed that almost all of the music you can hear in Elden Ring means absolutely nothing. As for why FromSoftware wanted that to be the case, the answer to that question could well lie in something its creator Hidetaka Miyazaki did as a child.

Magister Organi is the Latin student responsible for confirming pretty much all of the music in Elden Ring is computer-generated gibberish. Organi is now back and has highlighted the likely reason behind the decision to make Elden Ring's music mean nothing. “In his childhood, Miyazaki used to read books beyond his comprehension. He only understood half of the words and had to fill in the story gaps with his imagination,” Organi explains.

“That's why Miyazaki didn't make a point of including Latin lyrics in all Elden Ring songs… Miyazaki wants us to use our imagination to fill in the gaps he intentionally left.” It's an interesting and probably pretty accurate assumption to make. Especially since a producer previously revealed to Organi that the boss fight music in Elden Ring is there to enhance the drama and experience, not to add to its lore or fill in gaps in its story. That has seemingly been left for the player to do.

It certainly wouldn't be the first time Miyazaki pulled something seemingly completely unrelated to video games from his normal life and put it in a Souls title. The FromSoft director previously revealed an occasion in which his car got stuck in the snow and strangers helped him move it inspired the idea for his games' rather unique take on co-op play.

Six months on from its launch, the Elden Ring hype refuses to die down. It will likely remain a popular game for a long time yet as rumors continue to swirl that it's coming to Game Pass, and also that it will eventually get some DLC. Modders also continue to make the game even more interesting with their latest work allowing you to assume the form of Sekiro's final boss.

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