Elden Ring Summon Teaches Lazy Host A Lesson

What makes Elden Ring so much better than previous Souls games is you have so many options for dealing with challenges. For example, if you just can’t be a boss, you can ask for help. Summoning a player to help you beat tough bosses is both perfectly acceptable, and for some bosses, maybe even necessary.

Malenia is one of Elden Ring’s toughest fights. She’s so tough, in fact, that one Elden Ring player who fights with dual katana and a pot on his head became a legend for helping out players stuck on her. However, Let Me Solo Her isn’t the only Elden Ring player capable of defeating Malenia on their own. There are others out there, but some of their methods differ slightly from Let Me Solo Her.

Whereas Let Me Solo Her is perfectly fine to solo Malenia (it’s in his name, after all), Reddit user mypeepeehardz (stay classy, Reddit) felt that anyone who summons them should at least get the final blow.

As you can see, mypeepeehardz is perfectly capable of soloing Melania and even gets her down to just a small chunk of health, but rather than finishing the job, they kite Malenia back to the host. Unfortunately, the host was either not paying attention or was completely caught off guard by the move. The host was able to fire one desperate spell, but it’s not quite enough to take Malenia before she completely demolishes them.

On the surface, it might seem like mypeepeehardz is trolling people, but they explain in the comments that they weren't. "Yeah, I wasn’t really trolling. I thought the host would pew pew Malenia to death. That's why I didn’t emote because I was completely surprised of the outcome."

The moral here is that you should still strive to be the hero of your Elden Ring story even when you're mostly a cheerleader.

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