Elden Ring Speedrun Record Now Less Than 7 Minutes

Every time we look at Elden Ring speedruns, the numbers just keep getting smaller and smaller. First it was an hour, then under 30 minutes, then under 20, then under 13, and then just nine minutes. Now, Elden Ring speedrunner Distortion2 has returned with the world’s first sub-seven-minute run.

As explained by a helpful YouTube commenter, the "star of the show" are the massive skips all thanks to the zip glitch. By holding guard and pressing forward in a very precise way, you can teleport across vast distances instantaneously. The rules for the zip glitch are quite esoteric as they depend on a person's specific PC hardware. Also, lower resolutions improve consistency, and having a heavy weapon equipped allows for further distances to be traversed with each zip.

Practice makes perfect with the zip glitch. It can take a newcomer several minutes to get the timing down to perform a zip, but Distortion2 can perform these zips in just a few seconds. Combined with a new route and an ending that doesn't require an actual boss fight, Distortion2 can now go from character creation to end credits in six minutes and 59 seconds.

Distortion2 is in absolute hysterics after completing his run in under seven minutes (the game's internal timer takes precedence over the Twitch overlay timer). In the video description, Distortion2 says that he's "done" with any-percent speedruns "until new stuff is found," although there's still room to improve on even this time. Distortion2 struggled slightly with the final zip glitch in Leyndell, so it's possible someone can come along and even beat this incredible time.

It's incredible what Elden Ring players are discovering both in the game and outside it. Several Elden Ring content creators have discovered a test version of Elden Ring that has cut features, one of which allows you to get NPCs drunk. It’s nominally to discover that NPC’s dark secrets, but it seems some side quests were cut before Elden Ring’s release.

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