Elden Ring Player Recreates Bloodborne’s Shadows Of Yharnam Boss Fight

You'll find very few people out there at the moment who don't have Elden Ring somewhere on their game of the year list, but the game has one thing going against it – it isn't Bloodborne. Many consider FromSoftware's gothic masterpiece to be the cream of the developer's Soulsborne titles, so much so that they've decided to add a little bit of Bloodborne magic to Elden Ring itself by recreating one of the game's more challenging boss fights.

In a video shared by Redditor themadman502 to the Elden Ring subreddit, they show their and their friends' attempt to recreate the Shadows of Yharnam boss fight that players encounter in the Forbidden Woods in Bloodborne. Each player is named "Yharnam Shadow" and is dressed in a black cloak which hides their features. Each player is holding the respective weapons of their chosen Shadow and they wait for an unfortunate soul to invade them.

In comes poor little "M" who understandably stops in their tracks upon witnessing the reference before the three players slowly and menacingly walk towards their victim. The actual fight goes the way that most fights do when people encounter the Shadows of Yharnam for the first time, as "M" is quickly spread across the floor like butter. The players then slowly walk away from "M's" body, leaving them either very happy about the Bloodborne reference, or fuming that they'd just been ganked by three Ringwraiths.

For players on PC, coming up against themadman502 and his Shadows of Yharnam cosplay is probably the closest thing they've got to actual Bloodborne at the moment, as despite persistent rumors we still don't have a PC port or a remaster. It might be a while before we get one as well, as GamesBeat reporter and industry insider Jeff Grubb recently claimed that a PC port of Bloodborne might actually "take some time" as FromSoftware's attention is squarely fixed on Elden Ring at the moment.

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