Elden Ring Mod Turns You Into A Firebender From Avatar

More than four months on from its launch, Elden Ring has been modded so much that applying a few player-made tweaks can make it feel like an entirely different game. Including this recent mod which will make The Lands Between feel as if they have been lifted right out of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

It won't be air you're bending when you apply this mod to Elden Ring, though. It'll be fire, with a dash of lightning thrown in. The mod has been created by clevererraptor6 and can be downloaded through Nexus Mods right now. The similarities between it and Avatar are no coincidence either. PCGamesN highlights the mod was very much created with the show in mind, and acts as an homage to Aang, Soka, and Katara.

As for how the mod looks when applied, and the sort of damage you can do when you're able to freely manipulate fire in Elden Ring, check out the video below. Clever starts by running through the different attacks you can perform. Concentrating the flames and firing them at enemies, long sweeping motions as if you were cracking a flaming whip, and you can even throw fireballs. Not to mention the ability to summong lightning with a snap of your fingers and use that to your advantage as well.

The latter part of the video above shows Clever using their firey mod against some of the bosses you can find scattered throughout The Lands Between. Suffice to say, most of them don't know what hit them. It won't necessarily make Elden Ring easier, but it certainly seems like any bosses that may be causing you issues might prove less problematic when Clever's fire mod is applied.

If throwing fire and pretending you're playing some sort of Elden Ring x Avatar crossover game isn't your bag, there's an almost endless list of other mods at your disposal. One that lets you terrorise The Lands Between as Silent Hill's Pyramid Head, and another that allows you to play the game as Darth Vader, complete with red lightsaber.

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